Sushma Swaraj lends helping hand to tortured Indian men in Saudi Arabia


New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj assured on Thursday that the three Indian men, who were subjected to tortured by their employer in Saudi Arabia, is expected to return to India within a week.

The victim fell prey of a fake placement agency who lured them with jobs in Saudi Arabia.

The video of the three Indian getting bashed by their Saudi master went viral on social media platforms on Wednesday.  The video showed that a Saudi man beating the three men with a wooden plank

“We reported this to Saudi Police. We are in touch with Indian workers. They will be back in India within a week,” Swaraj tweeted today.

Swaraj further claimed that necessary legal moves had been initiated on Wednesday and the three were under police protection.

She assured all out assistance from the Indian government on the issue.

“We have approached the police and got them police protection. We will follow this up,” Swaraj tweeted.

The speedy initiative by theSushma Swaraj and her ministry was lauded by all quarters.

However, this was not the first instance when the External Affairs Ministry got involved to take up the case of Indian national in distress in foreign countries.

Earlier, the External Affair Minister’s dynamic moves facilitated the rescue a woman in August.

Similarly, the news of the distress was posted in social media. The victim was lured with the job of an air-hostess in UAE.

It might be mentioned that Swaraj led her helping hand once again to 14 stranded Indians  in Malaysia. They too were also lured with lucrative job offers.

Notably, the illegal and fake job agencies have associates in Muslim majority countries where human trafficking is rampant.