Swadeshi Indology Conference (3) by Infinity Foundation to be held in Tamil Nadu

Swadeshi Indology Conference by Infinity Foundation will be held in IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu from 22 - 24 December 2017

Swadeshi Indology Conference
Rajiv Malhotra, Founder, Infinity Foundation (Youtube/Rajiv Malhotra)

Infinity Foundation is organising Swadeshi Indology Conference (Part 3) in IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu from 22 Dec – 24 Dec 2017. For those who will not be able to attend the conference and for the wider audience, all the conference sessions will be video-graphed and uploaded to YouTube.

Infinity Foundation’s founder  Rajiv Malhotra is an internationally known researcher, writer, speaker and public intellectual on current affairs as they relate to civilizations, cross-cultural encounters, religion and science. After a very successful career in the computer and telecom industries, he took early retirement in 1994 to found The Infinity Foundation, which focuses on Indic studies.

Swadeshi Indology Conference
Schedule of Swadeshi Indology Conference (Swadeshi Indology)

Swadeshi Indology Conference 1 was held in Chennai in July 2016. Swadeshi Indology Conference 2 was held in Delhi in February 2017. Both events were very successful. As per Swadeshi Indology website,”The Swadeshi Indology Conference series has been envisioned to counter the 250-year-old narrative of Western Indology, the genre of Orientalism that focuses on India. As is well known, Western Indology helped formulate and legitimise the British colonial policies and played a very crucial role in the successful colonisation and oppression of the Indian peoples; it very nearly destroyed the Sanātana Saṁskrti.”

If you are interested to know more about Swadeshi Indology conferences, then you can refer at Swadeshi Indology Conference website.



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