Swarna Bharat Party’s new President Rahul Pandit reaffirms his commitment to Liberty

Swarna Bharat Party Members in a street protest, Facebook

New Delhi, Feb 11, 2017: Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, is delighted to announce that its reconstituted National Executive now largely comprises members elected from the grassroots. This is part of SBP’s intention to move to a comprehensive internal democratic system as soon as it becomes practical to do so.

SBP’s new National Executive has elected a new President, Mr Rahul Pandit, on 10 February 2017. Mr Rahul Pandit thanked Mr Sanjay Sonawani, former President of the Party for his significant contributions to the advancement of liberty in India.

Mr Pandit affirmed his personal commitment to liberty and good governance in India and noted that while India is an independent nation, it is not yet free. India’s freedom fighters would have been very unhappy that corruption, injustice and insecurity are part of daily life in India.

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The cause of this situation is clear: instead of choosing liberty, most of our political parties chose the path of socialism. Not only have these parties placed innumerable obstacles on liberty, they have institutionalised incentives for corruption. As a result, governments of India do not deliver even the most basic services, such as police and justice.

Mr Pandit said that despite Mr Modi’s slogan of minimum government maximum governance, he has failed to deliver even the most basic governance. No one knows, for instance, the costs and benefits of demonetisation. And it is shocking that the Modi government continues to run hotels and airlines even as he fails to provide basic governance.

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Mr Pandit emphasised that no political party cares for the liberty of Indians as much as SBP does. To achieve that, however, India will need to overhaul its governance system and policies.

Mr Pandit invited leaders who are committed to liberty to join SBP and help make India a free and prosperous society. Details of SBP’s policies are provided in the party’s manifesto which is available on the party’s website.


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