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DCI Investigating Alleged Swindling Of Child Star Wendy Waeni By Ex-manager Joe Mwangi

Child Protection Unit is handling the case of Joe Mwangi and Wendy Waeni

Joe Mwangi and Wendy Waeni. | COURTESY

By Geoffrey Isaya

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Child Protection Unit on Friday commenced investigations into the alleged swindling of child star Wendy Waeni by her former manager.

In a statement, the DCI said its Child Protection Unit is handling the case and if the manager, Joe Mwangi is found culpable, he will face the full wrath of the law.

“Detectives from the Child Protection Unit have today commenced investigations into this matter & should any criminal culpability be found, appropriate legal action will be taken. We are grateful to all those who brought this to our attention,” said the DCI.

This comes two days after Waeni accused Mwangi of using and exploiting her talent for his own personal benefit.

Speaking on Kenya’s Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange Live show, the visibly emotional teen shocked the nation when she revealed that she has not received a single penny from her performances for the past five years.

“I’ve been performing all over the world, and right now I live in Huruma because of Joe Mwangi. I’ve performed in Rwanda, Germany, and China… and I’ve not got even a single penny. My mum is really suffering right now, she sells sweets, I live in Huruma in a single-room with her,” she said.

She further stated that she has no control over – or even access to – her social media accounts where she has previously been accused of being rude.

Wendy, who has performed for Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Paul Kagame, added that she presently shares a one-roomed house with her mother who earns a living by selling sweets and cigarettes at night.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Headquarters in Nairobi.

“People are telling me that I’m rude, that I’m a brat, that I post things on Instagram…which I don’t really know. I don’t have access to my social media accounts, it’s Joe Mwangi who controls them.”

Joe on Thursday, however, dismissed the accusations, further intimating that the minor may have been coached on what to say.

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Joe, who alluded to a “scriptwriter” being behind the minor’s narration, also denied ever travelling outside the country with Wendy.

“…it has been said that I (Joe) has travelled all over the world with Wendy. FACT: I have NEVER, NEVER EVER left this country in the company of Wendy Waeni. Anybody with any prove (proof) that I have flown out any given time with her, put it here,” he dared.

A dare that however came to bite him as TV47 Acting Managing Director Eugene Anangwe posted a video of a past visit by the two to see Rwandan President Paul Kagame; a visit he (Anangwe) covered.

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Popular Kenyan Musician John Ng’ang’a aka John De’Mathew, Dies Through a Tragic Accident

Known as the King of Kikuyu music, the singer was on his way back from an event in the town of Thika when he met with a car accident

Musician John De Mathew,he Died through a road crash.

By Geoffrey Isaya

Popular Kenyan musician John Ng’ang’a, known by his stage name John De’Mathew, has been killed in a car crash.

Known as the King of Kikuyu music, the singer was on his way back from an event in the town of Thika, 45km (27 miles) north-east of the capital, Nairobi, when his car ploughed into a lorry.

Famous for wearing a white cowboy hat, he reportedly produced more than 50 albums in a three-decade career.

His style of music was known as Benga, with guitar setting a fast-paced rhyme. He always sang in Kikuyu, one of Kenya’s main languages.

The hashtag #RIPDeMathew trended in Kenya for the better part of Monday hours after the news of his demise, with people sharing their memories.

One tweeter said he always addressed social issues in his songs, like one about alcoholism,Tribalism and corruption.

Fans have been paying tribute to Kenyan musician, John Ng’ang’a, known by his stage name John De’Mathew, who has died in a car crash – but not everyone has been praising the Benga singer.

John’s songs focused on love, politics and societal ills such as alcoholism – often using proverbs, metaphors and references to Kikuyu mythology. Wikimedia Commons

Dubbed “the King of Kikuyu music” – he was one of the few musicians to be famous countrywide despite only singing in his Kikuyu language.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Twitter that he played a big role in promoting “African cultural heritage through his music”

His songs focused on love, politics and societal ills such as alcoholism – often using proverbs, metaphors and references to Kikuyu mythology.

While some have praised him as a “modern prophet”, one of his political songs was controversial and has divided opinion about his legacy.

Wituite Hiti, which means “You Have Made Yourself a Hyena”, was released ahead of the 2013 election.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), set up to ease ethnic tensions after the violence that followed the 2007 election, said the lyrics bordered on hate speech.

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It was thought he was referring to politician Raila Odinga, the main rival to Mr Kenyatta, a Kikuyu, who went on to win the presidential vote. De’Mathew was charged in court over the song, but acquitted the following year.

Defending himself, he said the translations were taken out of context and had missed the message of the song. Mr Odinga, who also lost the 2017 presidential vote, has tweeted his condolences to De’Mathew’s family, saying the singer was a great educator “on culture and current affairs”. (IANS)