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Tabitha Karanja, Husband Joseph Freed on Ksh.12M Cash Bail

The court noted that the couple’s bail terms would be different taking into consideration Mr. Karanja’s health

Tabitha Karanja, Husband, Investors
Keroche Breweries Directors Joseph Karanja With Tabitha Karanja before Chief Magistrate Francis Andai to answer charges of TAX evasion on August 23,2019.


Tabitha Karanja and her husband Joseph Karanja were on Friday released on Ksh. 10million and Ksh. 2million bail respectively.

Appearing before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, Mrs. Karanja pleaded not guilty on behalf of Keroche Breweries.

The court noted that the couple’s bail terms would be different taking into consideration Mr. Karanja’s health.

“Joseph Karanja is to pay cash bail Ksh. 2million within seven days while Mrs. Karanja should pay Ksh. 10million immediately, ” Magistrate Andayi said.

Tabitha Karanja, Husband, Investors
Tabitha Karanja and her husband Joseph Karanja were on Friday released on Ksh. 10million and Ksh. 2million bail respectively. Pixabay


The third accused– Keroche Breweries– was ordered to pay Ksh. 10million cash bail within seven days failure to which all the directors will be arrested.

The Magistrate added that the couple are investors of the country and there was no evidence showing that they pose a flight risk.

He however noted that if they wish to travel they will have to confirm with the court and ensure it does not affect subsequent hearings.

Earlier, the Prosecution declared that they would not oppose the couple’s release on bail but asked that the court consider the Ksh. 14billion under investigation.

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“Consider if found guilty the sentence is of a fine double the tax evaded or to an imprisonment of ten years or both,” Alexander Muteti said.

He further sought to have the court direct that the two surrender their passports and not leave court jurisdiction.


According to him, the accused persons have been aware that the taxman required clarification on the matter as they were summoned to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) offices.

Tabitha Karanja, Husband, Investors
Appearing before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, Mrs. Karanja pleaded not guilty on behalf of Keroche Breweries. Pixabay

“She (Mrs. Karanja) made an appearance before KRA and as per the letter before the court, KRA went out of their way to engage them,” the Prosecutor added.

He insisted on the gravity of the offence saying it is a condition the court should consider when setting bail.

However, Senior Counsel James Orengo who is representing Keroche, said the Ksh. 14billion is in dispute and there is a statutory process for settling any dispute in relation to tax demand.

The advocate noted that the company directors are presumed innocent and there was no evidence tabled in court showing that the Ksh. 14billion be taken into account in determining bail.

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He further opposed the Prosecution’s request to have the couple deposit travel documents saying it won’t be necessary because of the enterprise they run.

The lawyer also revealed that Mr. Karanja cannot be kept in custody due to health reasons.

“He has recently undergone a surgery…police were able to release him before 10 last night (Thursday). Despite his medical condition and being granted a free bond he has been able to appear in court,” Orengo said.

The case will be mentioned on September 2 and the pre-trial hearing on September 24.

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Husbands With Well-Paid Wives May Have Poor Mental Health

A wife who is well-paid may be injurious to husband's mental health

Mental Health
Working wives who are paid well can be the reason for a poor mental health in husbands. Pixabay

If your wife earns more than you, especially after marriage, and you are facing some sort of mental stress for quite some time, there is a definite link between the two.

An interesting study has found that husbands are least stressed when their wives earn up to 40 per cent of household income but become increasingly uncomfortable as their spouse’s wages rise beyond that point and are most stressed when they are entirely economically dependent on their partner.

The research from the University of Bath also showed that husbands did not suffer psychological distress about their wives’ income if their wife was the higher earner before marriage and the existing and potential income gap was clear to them.

The study of over 6,000 American heterosexual couples over 15 years showed husbands are at their most anxious when they are the sole breadwinner, shouldering all the burden of responsibility for the household’s finances.

Stress levels decline as their wives’ earnings approach 40 per cent of household income. But as women’s earnings go through that point, the study showed husbands’ stress levels gradually increasing.

“The findings suggest that social norms about male breadwinning — and traditional conventions about men earning more than their wives — can be dangerous for men’s health. They also show how strong and persistent are gender identity norms,” said Dr Joanna Syrda, an economist at the University of Bath’s School of Management.

The study also shed light on the ‘bargaining power’ between husband and wife.

“The elevated psychological distress that comes with husbands’ economic dependence on their wives can also have practical underpinnings due to bargaining in the shadow of dissolution or the fear of reduced economic status in the event of an actual divorce. These effects are larger among cohabiting couples, possibly due to the higher probability of dissolution,” she elaborated.

Mental Health and distress
Social Norms set for men is another reason for poor mental health. Pixabay

The study also showed a disparity in the way husbands and wives assessed their own psychological distress and that of their partner.

Survey respondents were asked to measure distress in terms of feeling sad, nervous, restless, hopeless, worthless, or that everything was an effort. Men reported better mental health than their wives reported on their behalf.

“This too may be down to gender norms. If masculine social roles preclude the admission of vulnerability, and men are inclined to hide symptoms of stress and depression, it follows that wives’ responses (about their spouses) will be less accurate,” said Dr Syrda.

In fact, wives reported their husbands’ lowest distress level was when they were contributing 50 per cent of the household income, while husbands reported lowest distress when their wives contributed 40 per cent.

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“With masculinity closely associated with the conventional view of the male breadwinner, traditional social gender norms mean men may be more likely to experience psychological distress if they become the secondary earner in the household or become financially dependent on their wives, a finding that has implications for managing male mental health and society’s understanding of masculinity itself,” the researchers elaborated.

The fact that a wife observes to a lesser degree her husband’s elevated psychological distress when he is financially dependent on her may be simply because he does not communicate it — this may be yet another manifestation of gender norms, showed the findings published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. (IANS)