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Photo by Unsplash.

Different currencies of the world having images of significance printed on them

Well, the primary purpose of putting images of different monuments, animals, sites, temples, persons, etc. is to show the country's rich culture and biodiversity to the world. And so, images which are printed on the Indian currency have their own story and significance.

Let us now find out which Indian currency has which image printed on it!

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Photo by Pixabay

Battle at Lanka as mentioned in the Ramayana

It must be noted that different religions and societies in Southeast Asia have alternative narratives of Ramayana, one of the greatest epic.

Here are some of the versions of Ramayana!

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Photo by Pixabay.

Khadi cloth in the process of making.

Khadi fabric, which is also known as khaddar fabric, is a hand woven natural fibre made with cotton. There are other variations of Khadi fabric, too, which includes silk and wool. Historically, Khadi fabric originated during the time of Mahatma Gandhi when he led the Swadeshi Movement in 1905. In appearance, this fabric has a rugged texture and feels very comfortable when worn during winter season and also makes one feel fresh when worn during summer season.

History of Khadi in India

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Photo by Viator.

Ghats of Varanasi, one of the oldest cities of India

There are some of the Indian cities which are older than time. Therefore, we must know which cities are they, and what has been their history!

1. Varanasi (1200 BC–)

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