Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Hike messenger adds Marathi, Gujarati, 6 other Indian languages

Now users of Hike messenger will be able to access the country's second largest messaging app in native Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu.

‘Higher education in Indian languages aspirational’

"All around the world the clear shift is towards English medium education," Rohan Joshi, the Head of the Research vertical of Centre for Civil Society, said when asked about the need to promote Indian languages.

7 facts about Konkani language that may amaze you

By Harshmeet Singh There aren’t many better examples of India’s diverse culture than its linguistic diversity. The country is home to 780 languages with over...

Koshur language – Carrying forward Kashmiri culture

By Harshmeet Singh There aren’t many better examples of India’s diverse culture than its linguistic diversity. The country is home to 780 languages with over...

Assamese – a bright spot in Indian regional languages scene

By Harshmeet Singh There aren’t many better examples of India’s diverse culture than its linguistic diversity. The country is home to 780 languages with over...

Khan Academy offers math lessons in Hindi, other Indian languages on radar

New Delhi: Khan Academy, a US-based non-profit organisation and an e-learning website that revolutionized the way schoolchildren learn math and science in that country,...

Preserve languages to preserve culture

By Harshmeet Singh Over the past few years, a number of people have raised concerns regarding our ‘eroding’ cultural values without giving a thought to...

Goods of daily use to promote Indian languages

By Arnab Mitra & Arka Mondal Kolkata: T-shirts, jeans and other apparels with catchy English taglines and words have flooded the market and are endangering our...

Indian languages to be explored at four-day festival in New Delhi

Tamil, Bangla, Marathi and Dogri are the four Indian languages to be explored in detail at the 5th edition of Indian Languages Festival.

Committee for Sanskrit promotion set up by HRD Ministry

New Delhi: A 13-member committee with experts on Sanskrit was formed by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry in order to promote the fast-receding...

Spat between HRD minister’s adviser and country’s only Sanskrit newspaper over language quality

"Chamu Shastry is trying to divide the Sanskrit community into north and south, ” Sajal Sandesh's editor Rakesh Mishra alleged.

Linguistic hegemony and cultural imperialism through English

The way English is occupying the language domains, the life of Indian mother tongues is under a severe threat.

Environmental factors behind linguistic diversity, says study

It is a known fact that the gradual evolution of human biology involves the anatomy, physiology and functions of the body. However, recent findings...

Hindi emerges as most-spoken Indian language in US

Nearly 4 lakh US residents speak Urdu and Gujarati is spoken by over 3.7 lakh people. Other than Hindi, all the major Indian languages are spoken in the US.

Can Devanagari script scale Indian linguistic wall?

“We have to adopt one language, one script, one literature, one ideal and one nation,” Indian freedom fighter Shaheed Bhagat Singh had said.

Technology to bring Indian languages together

These tech tools, for Indian languages, are being developed to empower and facilitate people to have easy access to developing telecom and internet facilities.

Plight of Punjabi language in India

Bhagat Singh had a solution to secure justice for and promote the Punjabi language in the country - one script for all Indian languages.

‘Need a movement to ensure justice for Maithili language’

“One this is certain that unless people raise their voice in unison, nothing will fructify. We need a public movement for Maithili,” Mishra says.

India Can’t Progress Without Promoting Indian Languages: Interview With Sankrant Sanu

“Throughout the world no country has been able to progress without developing its own languages,” Sanu remarked while talking about Indian languages.

Incubation center on languages in Chicago area

By NewsGram Staff-Writer Chicago: To tap the human potential for innovation in the area of language and livelihood, eminent philanthropist Dr Kallol Guha has announced...

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