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Cetaphil India suggests a simple, yet effective skincare routine to help your skin look radiant even this monsoon.

Monsoons are exciting, scrolling through Kindle while sipping a cup of ginger tea as it pours outdoors is a welcome relief after a sweltering summer. While we enjoy the rain in the comfort of our homes, it is a cause of concern for our skin and hair. The change in weather along with pollution in the air makes your skin dry, dull, and uneven. Cetaphil India suggests a simple, yet effective skincare routine to help your skin look radiant even this monsoon.

* Cleanse your skin

Considering how greasy and congested the skin can get in the monsoon, it is important to cleanse regularly. Opt for a cleanser that washes away dullness making your skin look refreshed. Cetaphil's Bright Healthy Radiance Brightness Creamy Cleanser is a dermatologist-developed that suits all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. It does not strip the skin's moisture leaving it soft, smooth and noticeable radiant.

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* Hydrate with a toner

Another important step in illuminating your skin is the usage of toner. Select a toner that is non-sticky and provides an instant refreshed feeling. Cetaphil's Bright Healthy Radiance Refresh Toner is a skin-perfecting toner that provides instant luminosity and hydration while softening and smoothening your skin. In just 4 weeks your skin becomes visibly more even.

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The exhibition displays 26 artworks by the artist that are from two different eras -- one from when he first dabbled into surrealism, and the other from what Guruvinayak calls the "Triunity" era.

Upcoming Indian artist Guruvinayak Singh Budhwar is exhibiting 26 paintings as part of a virtual show by the Korean Cultural Centre India, titled "Belle du Jour" or 'Beauty of the Day to deliver the message of hope and vitality in daily life even in the pandemic era. The exhibition is on view till August 21.

The exhibition invites viewers to recognize themselves in the artwork and fall in love with aspects of their existence. In these uncertain times, this exhibition would be an attempt to revive hope and convey positive human sentiments among the audiences, and perhaps, may even assist them in understanding their inner complexities.

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"Before sitting down to paint, there is a certain thought which runs in my head, that is -- Every thought, every emotion, every dream that one has can be captured, and I am grateful to be able to give them material weight through my skill. The technique I use in my artwork is surrealism which allows me to exaggerate the features of my subjects; in most of my paintings, I try to capture the dynamism of the subject to highlight the incorporeal features like aggression, courage, life stories, by changing their proportions relative to their environment, or by having symbolics engraved within their existence such as celestial bodies, plants, birds and so on," Budhwar told IANSlife.

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