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Photo by Flickr

Moli Kalava being tied on the right hand of a man.

Interestingly, Moli Kalava is very believed to be sacred for Hindus. In fact, it is a part of every Hindu ceremony and havan. Moli Kalava is often used as an offering to the Hindu deities and then worn around the wrist after a ceremony or ritual is over. It is also observed that people wear Moli Kalava before the start of the puja ceremony, just after offering it to the Hindu deity.

The significance of Moli Kalava is such that it is offered as cloth to Hindu deities. And traditionally, the thread is wrapped around a copper Tumblr, fully filled with water. Also, the mouth of the Tumblr is decorated with five mango leaves and coconut, and is covered in red cloth. Therefore, this is offered to the Hindu deities before the start of any puja ceremony or ritual.

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