Friday, January 22, 2021
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Akali Dal protests outside Arvind Kejriwal’s residence

Akali Dal workers on Friday staged a protest outsideKejriwal's residence to press their demand for declaring a holiday on Guru Teg Bahadur's martyrdom day on November 24.

AAP, BJP Sikh leaders release Rajiv Gandhi’s video ‘justifying’ 1984 riots

AAP leader HS Phoolka and BJP's RP Singh on Thursday released the old video of Rajiv Gandhi wherein he can be seen justifying the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

How different faiths, states celebrate Diwali

Diwali is celebrated with great fervor around the world for a number of reasons not only by Hindus but also by the people of different faiths.

Plight of Punjabi language in India

Bhagat Singh had a solution to secure justice for and promote the Punjabi language in the country - one script for all Indian languages.

1984 Sikh riot victims get compensation cheques

New Delhi: The Delhi government on Sunday initiated the process of disbursing compensation cheques to the victims of the 1984 Sikh riots. A total...

Ban on websites with jokes on Sikhs likely as SC hears plea

"All jokes related to Sikhs should be stopped. My children are humiliated and they don't want to suffix Singh with their name," the petitioner argued.

Sitting on communal volcano: Why we must introspect

Why is it that our own people are seeking to polarize the society along communal lines, making it easy for hostile foreign forces to intervene?

Indo-Canadian to hold exhibition on Sikhs with unshorn hair

Toronto: With an aim to showcase a connection between spirituality and unshorn hair in Sikhism, an Indo-Canadian photographer will put on display from October 29...

Sikhs in Britain can now wear turbans at workplaces

London: Sikhs in Britain will no longer face legal action for wearing turbans in majority of workplaces after the government announced a new set...

1984 riots: When silence spoke so unmistakably

By Sanjay Suri President Zail Singh could not get through to then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi when he needed most to, when thousands upon thousands...

Removal of Bhindrawale’s poster: Sikh protesters clash with police in Jammu, one killed

Jammu: A protester was killed and over a dozen others injured on Thursday in a clash between security forces and a group of Sikhs who...

Is it right for Sikhs to oppose the inclusion of Golden Temple in World Heritage Site list?

By NewsGram Staff Writer Fearing external intervention in the religious affairs of Sikhs, the community worldwide is vehemently opposing the inclusion of Sri Harmandir Sahib,...

US State Department seeks to dismiss move to classify RSS as terror outfit

By Newsgram Staff Writer Representing the US State Department, US attorney Preet Bharara filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Sikhs for Justice(SFJ)...

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