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Taking Advantage of the Booming Solar Industry

The growth of the solar industry as a business is not just linear but exponential

As a more sustainable and environmentally mindful lifestyle is being adopted globally, people are turning to a greener way of doing things. Many are going all out in their effort to preserve what little is left of nature, doing everything from reducing carbon footprint to implementing sustainable business models. 

Renewable energy on the rise

Renewable energy, particularly the solar industry, has felt the positive effects of the increasing wave of environmental and social activism. Over the past ten years, investments made on solar energy have increased by an average of 68% annually.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to do good and do well are getting into the solar business. It is infinitely profitable, but before you take the plunge, you must have all your bases covered, from customer acquisition to a solar sales tracker.

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Let technology do the bulk of the work

If you are getting into the solar business now, your timing is perfect. Several developments, both technologically and socially, have made the solar industry a lucrative business opportunity. Solar software, in particular, has made managing the sale and installation of solar arrays much easier, and the profit margin bigger.  

  • In the old days, solar installers knock from door to door looking for customers, with little to no system to help them. Converting homeowners into clients took much time and effort, which meant opportunity lost in terms of earnings. 

With the development of solar software, you can systematically go through a residential area in less time. It has integrated canvassing apps to help you track your leads, convert them, and move them through your process.

  • Professional software has also made the measurement of the roof area safer and more accurate. With the help of powerful tools, aerial measurements can be made instead of technicians climbing on top of the roof to do them manually. The estimates given to potential customers are also more precise, which contributes to better consumer experience and satisfaction. This translates to more business opportunities in the long run.
  • Solar sales tracker has built-in and customizable templates for sales reports. With this software, more data is made available to you to help you make better business decisions and grow your trade. 
  • Coordinating the activities of installers in the field and the team in the office is also made easier by solar software. Each member can access their schedules and assigned tasks wherever and whenever through an integrated calendar app. It also provides an open communication line dedicated to business purposes. Precious time is saved from holding daily meetings just to set expectations and get everyone on the same page. With the help of solar software, people are better able to work seamlessly as one team, regardless of location and function.

Solar Industry
Renewable energy, particularly the solar industry, has felt the positive effects of the increasing wave of environmental and social activism. Pixabay

  • Aside from the solar sales tracker capability, solar software can also help you keep track of all your projects from start to finish. Managing several projects at the same time leaves some of them vulnerable to falling through the cracks. With solar software, you are promptly alerted when a build or a project is taking too long. This gives you more time to plan and react, so projects can progress at a smooth and steady pace. 

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Strike while the iron is hot

The growth of the solar industry as a business is not just linear but exponential. If the present is looking good, things are only going to get better and by a wider margin. Now is the time to jump in the solar bandwagon, make some profit, and do right by the planet, all at the same time.  

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