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Tallest Lord Hanuman Statue in US Installed in Delaware

The statue was chiselled from a single block of black granite in Warangal

The tallest statue of Lord Hanuman in the US was installed in Delaware on 15 June, in its biggest Hindu temple. stands 25-feet tall and weighs approximately 45 tonnes. It is said to have costed more than $100,000 including construction, transportation and logistics.

The statue is carved out from a single solid block of black granite and handicrafted by more than 12 artisans, who worked full-time and took a year to complete the project. “It has been shipped from Warangal, Telangana to Delaware”, said Patibanda Sharma, President, Hindu Temple of Delaware Association. It was transported from Hyderabad to New York by sea in January and then was further transported to Delaware by road.

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A priest from Bengalore has performed all the rituals which includes the purification and installation of the deity. A 10-day installation ritual was conducted by the association with the help of more than 300 families and devotees. However, large gatherings for ceremonies were avoided due to the ongoing pandemic.

Tallest Lord Hanuman Statue in US Installed in Delaware
The 25-feet-tall statue of Lord Hanuman took over a year to finish crafting. India .com

“Once the statue is made according to a prescribed process by an artisan and is delivered to the temple, the temple priests normally conduct a 10 day, a 5 to 10-day rituals, mostly involving fire offerings and other rituals. And also the community is invited to bond with the statue,” he added.

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The statue was welcomed by devotees, and an Instagram post was shared with the caption, “Hindu Temple of #delaware Indian American Members Welcome massive Statue of Hindu God #hanuman. Which is 25 – foot, 60,000 pound statue. #hockessin is now home to the Country’s tallest status of the Hindu God Hanuman. It is made in #india of Black Granite & shipped to #usa . Now USA 🇺🇸 is also getting the blessings & knowledge of #sanatandharma easily & quickly.

After the 34-feet statue of Lady Queen of Peace in Holy Spirit Church, New Castle, the Hanuman installation is the tallest religious statue in Delaware.



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