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Telangana Government Issues Amendments to Limit Social Evils of Online Rummy Card Games

The recent ordinance issued regards online gaming as an offence

Online Rummy Card Game
Addiction to card games like Rummy. Pixabay
  • Many people in Telangana are developing an addiction to online Rummy games
  • Amendments are being made in the Telangana Gaming Act to reduce this addiction
  • The recent ordinance issued regards online gaming as an offense 

Hyderabad, July 8, 2017: The Telangana government has issued an order to examine the occurrence of social evils due to online Rummy card games. The Telangana Gaming Ordinance, 2017 was issued after certain changes in the provisions of the Telangana Gaming Act,1974 had been made.

In Telangana, many people, especially young are destroying their own family life because of their addiction to online rummy games as told by the state government and they have issued this order to arrest social evils caused by it.

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The ordinance which was issued on 8th July says, “It has been considered necessary to arrest the social evils caused by online Rummy by issue (of) certain modifications in the provisions of the Telangana Gaming Act,1974 to realize the said objective.”

The government has issued another order about one month back to make amends in the Gaming Act. As per the Telangana State Gaming Ordinance, 2017, “Rummy cannot be regarded as a skill game as it is partly based on skill and partly on luck or chance.”

The recent order of June 17, includes the online term along with others such as “mutka” or “satta” in the gaming definition. This ordinance regards online gaming as an offense. It said, “any person who opens, keeps, operates, uses or permits to be used any common gaming house or online gaming, or conducts or assists in conducting the business of any common gaming house or advances or furnishes money for gaming wherein, shall be punishable….”

– prepared by Harsimran Kaur of NewsGram. Twitter: Hkaur1025

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Indian Rummy: Why is it a Game full of Entertainment and Intellectual Skills?

Rummy is the 3rd most popular card game in India

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. Wikimedia
  • India has a history of popular card games such as “Ganjifa”
  • Rummy is the 3rd most popular card game in India, just after “Teen Patti” and Poker
  • The game helps to enhance individual skills

June 28, 2017: Card games are all-time favorite indoor games. All of us have played cards at some point in our life and enjoyed the same. India is a country which has had a culture of playing cards as a source of entertainment for a long time and cards has been an integral part of most social and family gatherings where people get the opportunity to exhibit their skills to attain wealth. This culture has been rejuvenated with the latest 13 cards game of Indian Rummy.

The online presence of this game has had a great impact on our gaming life. The rules of the game vary across the regions but its popularity has been on an exponential growth since the game came online.

Here are a few interesting facts about this popular card game:

  • The name ‘rummy’ may have its origins from the game ‘Rum Poker’ in the UK, where ‘rum’ stands for ‘odd’ or ‘peculiar’ gradually evolving into today’s “Rummy.
  • The game is believed to have originated from the Spanish card game ‘Conquian’ played by the Royals in the 19th century. However, there are disputes about the game’s origins as some believe it to be a variation of French poker.
  • The game is the 3rd most popular game in India just after “Teen Patti” and Poker.
  • Being an intellectual game, Rummy not only provides the joy of winning but also helps you enhance your skills. Skills like memory power, adaptability, strategizing, prediction, risk management, fast and accurate observations etc. can be achieved easily through this game.

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  • Online Rummy has become so popular that thousands of users are logged in at any time and you can play it 24*7. You can access the gaming portals via your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • The different designs of certain cards make the game even more interesting. If you have a closer look, you will observe that the Jacks from each set will have a different hair style, some with a moustache and some without it. Similarly, the Queen of Diamonds is the only one who is smiling while the others have a stern or melancholic look. In the case of King, the weapons they hold vary between an axe and sword.
  • The game is believed to have 20 variations across the different regions it is played. Then there are sub-variations as well. One can easily assume about 100 variations in this game.

These interesting facts about this popular Indian card game might have aroused your interest in the game if you are not a player already. Just login online and enjoy this refreshing game with your family and friends!

– by Nikita Tayal of NewsGram. Twitter: @NikitaTayal6