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Ten-year-old Syrian Boy Ali Daqneesh Dies of his Wounds in Aleppo

In Aleppo and areas around it- 448 civilians were killed up to August 2016 as a result of fighting and air strikes said the Observatory

Five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, with bloodied face, sits inside an ambulance after he was rescued following an airstrike in the rebel-held al-Qaterji neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Mahmoud Rslan

BEIRUT, August 21, 2016: The brother of a wounded Syrian boy who gained international attention has died, say the Opposition activists.

On Sunday, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a witness who was present at the time of the death along with the boys’ father confirmed that Ali Daqneesh, 10, died the day before, from wounds sustained in the same airstrike on a rebel-held neighbourhood in Aleppo.

Doctors who were attending him told the witness that the boy had internal bleeding and organ damage. Further, the spokesman for the local council of Aleppo, Besher Hawi said, “he was martyred while in the hospital as a result of the same bombardment that their house was subjected to.”

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The Halab Today opposition TV station posted a photo of Ali, 10, in a hospital with a tube coming out of his mouth, saying he later died from his wounds, mentioned the AP report.

Bombed out vehicles Aleppo. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Bombed out vehicles Aleppo. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

His 5-year-old brother was also wounded in the Wednesday airstrike, that hit their house in Aleppo. The video and pictures were hugely circulated in the media and the public was asked to refocus their opinion on the war-torn Syria- the five-year-old civil war and the plight of the civilians, particularly in Aleppo.

Russian and Syrian warplanes have intensified their air strikes on the rebel-held east of the city since insurgents made an advance last month, in July, breaking an effective siege, said Reuters.

In Aleppo and areas around it- 448 civilians were killed up to August 2016 as a result of fighting and air strikes said the Observatory

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Rebels, supported by US- Turkey and Gulf Arab nations, have been fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad since 2011. Bashar is supported by Russia and Iran and due to this Russia began air strikes in September 2015.

According to the Reuters report, the World Food Programme on Friday described the situation in besieged areas as “nightmarish” among growing international concern over the humanitarian cost of the war in Syria.

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Microblogging Site Twitter Releases Tweets Linked to Russia, Iran

"We may also release incremental additions to existing datasets if we believe the additional information could materially impact research findings," Twitter said

Twitter releases data linked to Russian, Iranian info campaigns. Pixabay

With the goal of improving understanding of how foreign influence campings operate on Twitter, the microblogging site has now released massive datasets of accounts linked to potential influence campaigns originating in Russia and Iran.

These large datasets released this week comprise 3,841 accounts affiliated with the Internet Research Agency (IRA), originating in Russia, and 770 other accounts, potentially originating in Iran.

Totalling over 360 gigabytes – including more than 10 million Tweets and more than 2 million images, GIFs, videos, and Periscope broadcasts ?the data store provides a picture of how state-sponsored agencies have used the Twitter platform, technology news website Ars Technica reported on Friday.

IRA allegedly ran information campaigns on several social media platforms to undermine the political process in the 2016 US presidential election.

The logo for Twitter is displayed above a trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. vOA

With Twitter coming under scrutiny for its failure to stop the spread of misinformation during the election, the microblogging site, earlier this year, committed to the US Congress and the public to provide regular updates and information regarding its investigation into foreign interference in political conversations on Twitter.

Since that time, Twitter has shared examples of these types of content posted on Twitter by IRA and provided the public with a direct notice if they interacted with these accounts.

In August this year, Twitter also disclosed details of another attempted influence campaign it identified as potentially located within Iran.

The datasets released this week are aimed at enabling independent academic research and investigation into the nature of foreign influence campaigns, Twitter said.

Twitter on a smartphone device. Pixabay

“We are committed to understanding how bad-faith actors use our services. We will continue to proactively combat nefarious attempts to undermine the integrity of Twitter, while partnering with civil society, government, our industry peers, and researchers to improve our collective understanding of coordinated attempts to interfere in the public conversation,” Twitter said.

A preliminary look at the data by Ars Technica revealed that a common tactic used by the IRA was to create “local news” accounts for major US cities, seeding them with posts linking to local news outlets.

The accounts, such as “Atlanta Online,” “Baltimore Online,” “Baton Rouge Voice,” “Chicago Daily News,” and “Dallas Top News” would also include tweet-length news headlines with no link, the report said.

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Twitter said if it identifies additional attempted information operations on Twitter in the future, it will release similar datasets in a timely fashion after completing its investigations.

“We may also release incremental additions to existing datasets if we believe the additional information could materially impact research findings,” Twitter said. (IANS)