The Exceptional Lives of The Third Gender “Hijras”

The need to emphasize whether they have a life or not lies simply on our stance towards them

A group of Hijra in Bangladesh. Wikimedia

July 25, 2017: In the midst of a classic world, there exist the third gender dilemma. Eunuch, Hijra or Kinnar – as we would call them have a life of their own. The need to emphasize whether they have a life or not lies simply on our stance towards them. In the earlier times, this category of gender had a special place in the royal manor of the king. They were used to guard women of royal families but with the passage of time, the need to hijras has arisen. The value of the third gender has degraded to such a level that it has become difficult to bring back their esteem in the present times.

Portrait of a reputed hermaphrodite (Hijra) and companions – Eastern Bengal. Wikimedia

Here is what you need to know about the third gender:

-Hijras are formed by the process of emasculation which makes a man less potent. Hijras remove their genitals to complete the further transformation. They also dress like females, which adds to the look more austerity.

It is believed that every hijra has its guru who is also a hijra. The guru predicts the date of demise which is again believed by many to be 100% accurate. Once the death date is revealed, the hijra starts worshipping their god to forgive him for the sins committed in the past as a clear indication of giving them the birth of a clear gender.

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Hijras are not only cursed when alive, even their corpse is beaten to scare the soul for not coming to earth as a third gender. The rituals involve ripping off their clothes and hanging the body upside down for the scavengers to feed on them. Nevertheless, some observation in the present also conveys the peaceful and respectful departure of the soul of Hijras. The corpse is wrapped in a white cloth and all the ornaments are taken off from their bodies so that nothing stops the soul from departing the body of a third gender. Hindus cremate the body while the Muslim burry it. Prayers are held to offer them a good afterlife and forgive them for their sins.

Hijras of Panscheel Park-New Delhi.Wikimedia

Hijras are special people whose blessings and curses are the most powerful. Hence it is always advised to never deny giving them money when they preside on occasions like child birth, marriage, or buying a new property.

The Hijras seen on traffic lights have been castrated to become members of the third gender by some of the people involved in human trafficking in order to earn money because by-birth Hijras never beg to anyone.

– prepared by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter @Nainamishr94

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