The Mode Of Imparting Education Leads Educators To Fend For Themselves: Innovator Krishna

Remote learning, also referred to as distance learning, gives learners who aren't in a physical location for in-person education, access to online training materials. It's become a go-to training method for growing businesses, as it enables them to train every employee on the necessary topics regardless of location. Unsplash

Gaps in universality of the mode of imparting education often leads educators to fend for themselves and figure out things on their own, says Krishna, an innovator and developer of a new web app for teachers and educators to stream their classes online using native Live Learning tools or smart integrated apps like Google Meet.

The ongoing pandemic has rapidly shifted not just schooling online, but also yoga classes, hobby lessons and even coaching for various needs. Education tech startup Live Learning developed a Canada-based company led by a young Indian entrepreneur aims to make it easy for teachers globally, with prime focus on Indian and Canadian educators. Live Learning is accessible globally on “Both countries provide the digital infrastructure, and their advancing education policies provide a much-needed impetus to online teaching.”

“I made Live Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic, seeing how teachers are having difficulties with current online video apps. They are already quite stressed with all that is happening. Teaching online in the 21st century should not be this difficult.” said Krishna, Founder and CEO of Live Learning Technologies Ltd.

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The platform is not a Google Meet or Zoom competitor. However, instead, it integrates with them, giving teachers easy access to all their favourite apps in one place. And for those, who do not want to use app integrations, can use Live Learning provided tools.

Remote Learning
Remote learning is typically structured in this way: the teacher establishes a virtual connection with their students through an online class program such as Google Classroom or Khan Academy. Here, the teacher posts assignments, assigns reading, collects student work, provides feedback, and more. Unsplash

“The gaps are not between learning. The gaps are in the system of universality, the nature of our political system that leaves teachers on their own to figure out how and what to do to teach online. The platform is designed only for teachers in mind. I want teachers to be stress free that there is someone looking out for them. When I say teachers I am not referring to schools and universities but individual teachers, working moms, yoga instructors, and more,” he told IANSlife.

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Live Learning is free to join and expected to roll out new tools and integrations in the coming weeks. Teachers can get access to inbuilt Live Video Classroom, Realtime Chat, Screen share, and no installation required.

Exclusively built for educators, the single-solutions platform promises to help educators with tools to teach online, data to understand class performance and makes it an easy way for students to connect. (IANS)