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Survivor of Park Street gang rape incident passes away


By Newsgram Staff Writer

The 2012 Park Street gang rape survivor Suzette Jordan passed away today in a hospital after fighting Encephalitis for a few days.

“She was hospitalized a few days back, and was diagnosed with encephalitis. She suffered multiple organ failure and died today (Friday) morning,” her counsel A. Guha Thakurta said.

Suzette Jordan  was raped inside a moving car in February 2012 which had triggered nationwide protests.  Refusing to be pit down by the society and it’s bias against rape victims, Jordan had revealed her identity in 2013 and started protesting against murders and rapes in West Bengal. She had trouble getting employment after she came out in the public eye and was currently working as a consultant who was helping rape survivors.

After the incident Mamata Banrejee’s  government had claimed that the rape was a fabrication to bring down the government by CPM. Later, the case was cracked by the police and the main accused Kader Khan is still at large.





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