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November 1, 2016: With the ongoing political conflicts giving rise to turmoil in certain territories between countries and organizations with contrasting interests and ideologies, we are facing a major question to which no one has a concrete answer. Are we facing the threat of another world war?

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While on the surface, all of us have taken precautions to curb the possibility of one, everyone tries to implement their own propaganda. The establishment of the UN is considered a giant leap towards global truce but is it truly effective with all its policies? The UN which is not democratic allows certain powerful nations to protect their interests. None of the nations would be willing to start such a catastrophic event to disrupt the economic, political and social conditions of their populations. However, none of them would be willing to kneel or shy away if provoked. Therefore, one wrong decision would result in an implosion of conflicts between multiple parties with the potential of spreading to a global level.

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“Survival of the fittest” is apt for all spheres of life and every nation is in a constant attempt to trample its competition and rise above the other nations to improve the lifestyle of its own population. Constant political and economic conflicts today often result in armed resolutions. And these conflicts may proceed to involve more than just the parent parties.

After the World War II , all the nations have evidently tried their best to avoid a similar scenario from being reiterated. Although, it’s occurrence after the First World War which was also known as the “war to end all wars” clearly tells us that there is no guarantee that another globally spread conflict is completely evitable and depends entirely on the forthcoming unpredictable situations.

There are numerous instances of current conflicts which may erupt into massive warfare with different nations taking sides to protect their political or economic interests. The possession of nuclear arsenal by volatile and disturbed countries and nations trying to restore peace and order on foreign land by intervention and with alleged ulterior motives have been some of the major ongoing disputes. Some countries invading neighboring nations to acquire valuable region and claiming it their domain may also lead to major nations taking sides to protect more backward countries and also to strengthen their own relationships.

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There are countries who allegedly provide refuge to individuals or organizations deemed as criminals or bodies spreading terror in other parts of the world. There are many factors that can be taken into account to prove the possibility towards another global catastrophe but hopefully, our world leaders will rise above their differences and work together in preventing such a mishap from occurring when the time comes.

-Prepared by Shivam Thaker of NewsGram



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