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Theatre Is The Most Convenient Medium For An Actor: Amol Parashar

Amol has dabbled in multiple mediums and genres and says that it is a process to delve deeper into his craft and also himself as a human being

Actor Amol Parashar, who rose to fame with his character Chitvan Sharma in TVF Tripling, and is currently being seen in film ‘Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare’, has also featured in the lead role in the televised play ‘Panchi Aise Aate Hai’ on Tata Sky Theatre, which is celebrating Marathi playwright Vijay Tendulkar’s contribution to theatre.

Sharing his thoughts on theatre, Amol shared that for exploration purposes, “theatre is the easiest and most convenient medium for an actor”.

“When working on a text, or when working on a theatrical production, the process gives you ample time and space to experiment and ‘play’ around. You can keep working on performance or refining it as you do more and more shows of the same production. Thanks to the beauty of imagination in theatre, you can also deal with characters and themes that are far away from you physically. The film doesn’t offer you the same freedoms, at least not to the same extent,” he told IANSlife in an email.

Actor Amol Parashar says theatre is the easiest and most convenient medium for an actor. Pixabay

Asked about theatre as a tool for social change and a mirror of society, Amol, 29, feels that theatre performance and watching is a much more personal experience. “You can dabble in unique and radical ideas and still find acceptance. The constraints of commerce don’t come in the way of theatre as much as they do with other forms of storytelling. That makes it a much more effective tool to drive through social change and new ideas.”

The young, promising actor also shared his perspective on Vijay Tendulkar’s contribution to Marathi theatre.

“Vijay Tendulkar is a legendary name and I am too small a fry to even have an opinion on his contribution. He had a voice of his own, and a strong one at that, taking up social and political events of his time and depicting them in his work. His plays are read, performed, and analyzed in multiple languages in India and outside. There’s no doubt that he is one of the most influential playwrights of our country.”

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Amol has dabbled in multiple mediums and genres and says that it is a process to delve deeper into his craft and also himself as a human being. “I would like to grow my skill set to a point where I should feel like nothing is unachievable.”

Finally, sharing his thoughts on theatre’s new televised avatar that he’s now featuring in, the actor shared that, “Every art form and medium goes through a process of evolution. With new technology at our disposal, it is our duty to experiment and see if we can come up with newer and newer ways to reach the audience. It is a great initiative by Tata Sky for this purpose, especially because classic texts and playwrights are being made accessible to a large audience. These texts would otherwise just become an archive in a library. It’s invigorating to see them being packaged in a certain way and made accessible to the large audience that Tata Sky enjoys.” (IANS)



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