Tie Head Scarf in Style

Check out some cool head scarf tips if you're having a bad day

Tie Head Scarf in Style
Tie Head Scarf in Style. Pixabay

Having a bad hair day? Wear a head scarf.You can also use a neck scarf to cover your head in style, reports huffingtonpost.com:

– Twisted head scarf: Fold a satin scarf into half and place behind your head then wrap it around the front of your head and tie into a knot. Finally, tuck in the ends of the scarf and adjust so that it fits right at your hairline.

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– Top knot head scarf: Fold a scarf around the back of your head and tie into a knot at the front. The second step is to twist both ends of the scarf around until it forms into one large string. Follow it up by looping the fabric around the centre into a large top knot and tuck in the ends. (Bollywood Country)


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