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This is the time of the year wherein you surely need to step out of the box and try on some mix and match combinations. Unsplash

By Puja Gupta

The transition from summer to fall can be quite tricky. Until you shop for your fall and cold weather essentials, there are plenty of summer outfit tricks that you can try.

Whileit is still risky to go hop to your favourite stores for shopping, you can extract maximum wear out of your summer staples and as you continue to make additions to your wardrobe, these clothes will continue to reinvigorate your wardrobe until winter.

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This is the time of the year wherein you surely need to step out of the box and try on some mix and match combinations.

Layering is always a great way to utilise your summer wardrobe in the autumn season. However, bulky fabrics can make layering a little tricky, to its best to stick to light breathable fabrics like viscose and modal. Style experts Nelson Jaffery, Head of Design, Liva and Abhishek Yadav, Design Head, Spykar Lifestyles offer some useful tips for acing your fashion game this autumn season.

1. Shorts with leggings

Sport your beloved denim shorts with solid viscose leggings for a cozy yet fashionable look. Add a plain oversized shirt on top with a belt. Add some gold jewellery to elevate the look further. This is a great comfortable option for Friday night virtual session with your friends or a fun games night.

Recycle your printed summer dresses in the fall season by pairing them with a scarf. Unsplash

2. Dresses

Dresses are always a great option for every season. Recycle your printed summer dresses in the fall season by pairing them with a scarf. You can also wear a simple t-shirt underneath the dress for a more preppy look. Keep in mind to not have more than three levels of layers on you or the outfit might look too bulky.

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3. Blazers and Jackets

Leather and denim jackets are always a great addition to any outfit. Pair any of your basic summer outfits with a smart jacket or blazer for autumn ready look. Graphic t-shirts, summer dresses, lace singlets, shorts and skirts are all great options that can be paired with jackets and blazers.

4. Jeans

Fortunately, wide leg jeans transit easily into the fall season. Summer fashion was all about pops of colour and was quite inspired by the flair of 70’s and 80’s. Carry it forward in your autumn wardrobe by pairing them with a turtle neck sweater. Also your favourite summer skinny jeans would give a fantastic look with trendy metallic while attending virtual celebrations. For example, you could team up grey denims with gold and bronze tops. You could also wear your slashed jeans with a black bucket bag and sneakers.

Your favourite summer skinny jeans would give a fantastic look with trendy metallic. Unsplash

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5. Skirts

The fall season is full of bright and splendid skirts to wear from work to parties. You can opt for a knee-length eyelet coat over a white tee and a denim skirt. You could also team your summer skirts with long sleeves and mules. You could team up tribal print blush mini skirt with a blush blouse and crispy white blazer. Or you could tuck in your favourite turtle neck in a high rise leather mini skirt for that chic look.

You could also go for skirts of bold prints, tulle styles, cozy pencil skirts, floral print boho chic light weight bottoms, etc. this season.

Transform your summer wardrobe to be autumn ready. (IANS)



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