Monday March 30, 2020
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Here are Tips to Combat Problems that Damage Hair

Essentials to safeguard hair problems

Hair care tips
Follow these tips for damage-free hair. Lifetime Stock


Transition from the hot and humid summers to winter gives a relaxed feeling to a lot of individuals. It also calls for holidays, shopping, parties and a lot more fun. However, with ever-changing weather, your daily care regime also changes. The intense cold weather outdoors may play havoc with your hair.

To combat these problems Praver Kachroo, founder of Evolvere Salon Solutions shares a few tips on things to keep in mind before you buy winter hair-care products.

Get a hydrating shampoo

A good hydrating shampoo gives ample amount of moisture to your scalp. One has to ensure that the shampoo reaches every bit of the scalp removing dandruff that is mostly caused by dehydration.

Deep nourishing conditioner

Always choose the hair conditioner that will lock-in the moisture without giving heavy look to hair. During winters, it’s suggested to use conditioners with deeply nourishing ingredients.

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Another tip is to refrain from using heating appliances on hair. Lifetime Stock

Stop washing your hair very often

It is always recommended to wash your hair as less as you can during extreme winter. It secures your hair moisture within and gives fabulous hair texture naturally.

Intense moisture hair masks

Most of the experts advise opting for deep conditioning at least twice a month during a winter season. Sometimes when conditioner doesn’t do the wonder, hair masks can do magic to your dry and frizzy hair.

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Less usage of electronic appliances

One should always refrain from using high heated electronic appliances on their hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside or hot if you are using tools, a thermal protector is a must to prevent brittle, broken hair and split ends.

By keeping these few simple tricks while buying hair-care products in winter can give a flawless and healthy look to your hair. (IANS)

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Here Are Some Home Remedies That Can Make Your Hair Healthy

Lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich and zinc-rich diet are some steps to follow to preserve hair at its best

Taking Care of your hair should be a promising part of your life. Pixabay

Utilise this time to indulge in selfcare which we often neglect because of our busy schedules! Dr. Apoorva Shah, Founder of RichFeel, shares some simple home remedies to bring your hair back to being healthy and lustrous.

Coconut oil, honey, lemon

Coconut oil, honey and lemon act as natural conditioners and also reduce hair fall. It gives moisture to your scalp and reduces dandruff. Mix some drops of lemon with coconut oil and honey and apply to your hair as a mask. Once it dries, rinse it with water.

Massaging with oil

Your quarantine hair care programme needs to have specific focus on hydration, lubrication, and should aim to renew its oil and moisture content. Pamper your hair and scalp with an oil massage before going for a wash. You can regain the strength and shine of your hair by massaging it with warm oil.

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Home-made hair masks

Mixture of multani mitti, amla, and shikakai works awesome for oily hair. Shampoo after about 40 minutes. It has a cooling effect. It is also ideal for hair’s conditioning, removes dandruff and lice.

Rose Water

Massage your scalp with some rose water, as it’s useful especially for dry hair.

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Utilise this time to indulge in selfcare which we often neglect because of our busy schedules. Pixabay

Olive oil and honey

If you have olive oil and honey at home, mix it with rice-papaya mash and apply before an hour to shampoo. Mix, apply, let it rest for 20 minutes and finally rinse with cold water. It makes the hair lustrous and smooth.


Bananas are excellent if you have dry hair. Bananas have minerals and nutrients in them which will help the hair in recovering if you have dry and permed hair.

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Water and food intake

Water is the most important fuel to your hair as it requires moisture the most. Increase your water intake especially during this quarantine time as we tend to forget to have water since being at home. Lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich and zinc-rich diet are some steps to follow to preserve hair at its best.

Always oil, shampoo and condition, this three-step mantra which is most important. It is a tried, tested, and a trusted technique in hair care. Conditioning is one step which is skipped way too often and it is perhaps the most crucial one. (IANS)