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Tips For Parents To Help Your Child Write An Essay

A child has to be encouraged to write and it is step by step process

A child has to be encouraged to write and it is step by step process. Pixabay

The most important and crucial task for a parent is awakening and instilling the child’s desire in learning, exploring and expressing. The parents need to help the child to get educated and just not pick their orders to do my homework with experts from but help them and make them enjoy doing their homework. As kids make progress through different academic levels it is expected that they write and have good writing skills. The child is expected to write good essays, research paper, term papers and a complete dissertation. However, the first complex task is to write. The teachers assign the topics with broad guidelines and the child is expected to follow the guidelines and produce a great masterpiece doing all this while following the deadline. A child has to be encouraged to write and it is step by step process.

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There is no shortcut to master the skill of writing. Pixabay

The tips that can help your child write a good essay is as follows:

1] Practice and some more practice- There is no shortcut to master the skill of writing. A child needs to be made to practice to develop their skills of writing. Let the child learn the art of writing naturally. Just give your child some time to write, in the classroom, this approach is not followed and writing part is left as homework. Thus the duty falls on parents and they have to help their child to write and motivate them to write. Give the child any topic to write and make sure that the child gives ample of time to write in order to develop the skill of writing.

2] Find examples- Show your child the format of a good essay and let the child analyze and understand the way to break up of the essay. The essay has 3 parts divided into 5 paragraphs, introduction, body with 3 paragraphs and conclusion. Give some good examples of an essay to the child to read and understand how to write the essay.

3] Do good research before writing- Help the child to research before he actually starts to write once the child is fully equipped with material and understanding of the topic then only he can write as per the standards. A good research can result in a good essay. They need to learn about the topic before they start writing about the topic. Online there are tools available that can help the child to get a deep insight in the topic before they start writing on it.

Brainstorm your child and let the child plan before they actually start to write. Pixabay

4] Brainstorm and plan- One of the important aspects of a good essay is that it should be well planned and connected. If the child writes whatever comes to his mind without following a particular flow. The essay will look disconnected and will not be appreciated by the examiner. Thus brainstorm your child and let the child plan before they actually start to write. This planning will help the child to write a well-connected essay.

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5] Let them use the tablet- We are dealing with the hi-tech kids and it is alright if they are liking the tablet more than the pen and paper. Let them use the tablet to write. This will arise the sense of liking for the essay and the child will take it as a way to play and enjoy rather than treating it as a task or homework. Thus once the child starts to enjoy writing an essay he will give good essay as a result.

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Hair care tips for the wedding season

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The major reasons that contribute towards hair damage are pollution, bad diet, extreme weather changes, stress and excessive usage of harsh chemical products, say experts.

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2. Speak to a dermatologist who can then advise supplements to help you heal inside out. In the meantime, load up on Omega-3-6-9 found in avocados, salmon, vegetables and more.

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3. Use a sulphate-free shampoo, but no more than three times a week. Frequent shampooing with products that contain sulphate can dry out your hair, causing major damage and breakage.

4. Don’t skip a conditioner. Choose a hair conditioner that suits your hair texture since it helps seal in moisture and helps avoid frizz too.

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5. Eat adequate amounts of good quality proteins because that helps in the formation of better quality keratin for the hair.

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