Tips For a Happy and Healthy 2020

Live a healthy 2020

Healthy 2020
Wellness in ones life begins only when an individual adopts a happy and healthy lifestyle. Pixabay

Wellness begins with a happy and healthy self. Yahoo India suggests these tips for making your days healthier in 2020.

Find activities outside the gym

Rather than making a resolution to join the gym, think of activities that you genuinely enjoy and can stick with in the coming months. Love dogs? Why not join a dog-walking group? Take up a dance class, go rollerblading, get on a trapeze or a trampoline, or learn juggling. The idea is to move around and get your heart rate up. Any kind of activity that does this and provides enjoyment should be on your list. Think outside the box and look for activities that provide an interesting alternative to workout in the gym.

healthy exercise
Creating an exercise playlist can make you happy and healthy. Pixabay

Pick workout gears that make you feel good

If you haven’t already, invest in a workout wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, just a set of clothes reserved for workouts. And make sure you pick clothes that flatter your body. What we wear affects the way we feel, which in turn affects our behaviour, productivity and ability to get things done. There’s actually a term to describe this phenomenon, where clothes influence a person’s psychological processes — called enclothed cognition. So by wearing clothes that make you feel good, you’re increasing your chances of improved workout performance. A win-win.

Curate an exercise playlist

No one can deny the incredible power of music. Research shows that only does it relieve boredom, lower stress, elevate your mood, and put you in the zone so that you want to move, it also provides a distraction so that you’re less aware of your exertions and can put in more effort. Pick upbeat tunes to curate a playlist that has the ability to make you move in gym and your days of dreading the gym will start to wane.

Ensure you actually take a lunch break

Many of us are guilty of scarfing down lunch at our desks so as to have more time to get work done. But we need to start owning our lunch breaks again. They provide a much-needed opportunity to rest, lower stress, recharge, and improve your mental well-being. Your mind needs a break so that it can continue working efficiently for the rest of the day. Just as your body needs the nutrients from the food to function at peak level. So taking a daily lunch break away from your desk will actually make you more productive.

healthy gym
Finding alternatives to gym such as dance or zumba is proven to be healthy. Pixabay

Get rid of those tight clothes

We often keep those too-tight jeans in the hope that we’ll fit into them one day. We believe they’ll motivate us to slim down. But we’re actually better off without them. Why take pressure from a pair of pants or a dress. Don’t get us wrong, getting fit for yourself is great, just don’t put undue pressure on yourself along the way. And why let them take up space in your closet when there are many more pieces out there that look great on your right now? Donate those tight old clothes and make space in your wardrobe for some fresh new pieces that look and feel amazing.

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Pick up a new skill

Working out keeps your body healthy, but what are you doing for your mind? It’s important to take up activities that provide some form of mental exercise so as to keep your mind sharp. One way to do this is to try and learn something new, whether it’s a new hobby, learning a dance, finding your inner writer, or building something. A new activity is always challenging, and this in turn keeps you mentally active, strengthening connections between different parts of your brain. (IANS)


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