We tend to get caught up with brands that promise us fair and glowing skin. The truth is no product can guarantee you this, and by subscribing to advertorial gimmicks and false promises you may end up doing long-term damage to your skin.

Organic Harvest founder and CEO Rahul Agarwal says is important to understand your skin and choose the right products for your skin type. Every skin type has its own concerns and needs different precautions. To achieve and maintain healthy skin is a good starting point in skincare and just like with other life choices; people are gravitating towards products that contain ingredients that are raw (unprocessed), and formulas that are age- old.

The fact is that there is good reason why plants and flowers have been used for both mystical and medicinal purposes for centuries; those that our grandmothers will give us the green signal to use.

Organic versus Synthetic Skincare

If you haven’t ditched your toxic, synthetic and artificially coloured shampoo and face cleansing bar, maybe it’s time to do away with them. As far as your skin goes- less is more and pure is wonderful (think: super nourishing). You may not be aware that there are thousands of chemicals in your skincare products that are being absorbed by your body. They will do irreparable and irreversible damage to your skin from the dermal layer.

As far as your skin goes- less is more and pure is wonderful. Pixabay

Start with buying brands that you have researched well, and those that are vetted to be true to their philosophy. The same way you look at food labels is how you should look at your beauty products. If organic, cruelty- free, vegan is important to you, check the for the EcoCert and credible global certification seals. If natural-only is your priority, read labels carefully and get to know your ingredients.

Some basic skincare rules for a radiant complexion

Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Prolonged stress and negative thoughts can lead to dull devitalized skins. If you are stressed, use techniques that bring you calm.

In the end, how you choose to look after has a direct relation with the food and other lifestyle choices that you make. If you are more drawn to the power of nature; you will eat simple organic foods and subsequently you will prefer to use skincare products that are pure in their formulation and delivery.

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That’s what experts say is health: it works from the inside out; and ultimately what you put into and onto your skin will reflect its well-being. (IANS)