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Shifting your Home or Office? Here are Some easy tips to Pack your Electronic Devices while Moving

Easy tips to pack your Electronic devices while shifting your home or office.

How to Pack any Electronic device while shifting Home or office
How to Pack any Electronic device while shifting Home or office. Pixabay
  • Computers, tablets, video game systems, stereo equipment and televisions are all high worth investments which you want to save from damage when you are shifting home or office.
  • Hire a professional company and be organized about the cords and remotes, suggest experts.

How to Pack electronic Device while Shifting?

Here are some easy tips to pack any electronic device-

Rahul Pillai, CEO, Interim Relocations, suggests:

* Save the original boxes and packing materials for repacking.

* Essential packing materials: Electronics are usually very fragile and sensitive, so make sure you use enough bubble wrap, cushioning material and packing paper. Avoid using newspaper for packing, because the electronic device will not be safe under this protection.

* Check the temperature in storage. Sensitive electronics such as computers and televisions may need to be stored in climate-controlled units. Seek advice from the manufacturer or your storage facility.

* Mark the cartons: Clearly mark ‘fragile’ on the outside of cartons with breakables or delicate electronics. Also, mark ‘this side up’ on items containing electronic devices.

Hansraj Budhiraja, CEO, AB Sea Container Pvt Ltd, said:

* Organise your cords and remotes: Take photographs of how cords are connected to their devices for easy reassembling later on. There’s nothing more frustrating than untangling wires and trying to figure out which electronic device they belong to.

Wrap up your cords neatly and label them so you know which cord belongs to which device. You could also use colored stickers on each cord and the same color sticker where the cord connects to the electronic device. This will save you the hassle of trying to figure out what fits where.

* Knowledge of packing: If you are lacking in knowledge regarding the packing of an electronic device, it would be better to read the user manual for the same. This will instruct you in the best manner so that nothing goes wrong during the process.

* Moving inventory list: Make a list of the components in each box. Make sure you have got all the parts before you start assembling.( IANS)

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Why You Need New PCB Software In 2019

A person working on laptop (Representational image), Pixabay

There are many different types of PCB design software on the market right now, but which is the best? It’s hard to decide when each package is offering you something different and you are already comfortable with the package that you use. Of course, there are some software packages that are much more advanced than others and you could be missing out. Here, we are going to talk you through some of the reasons why you need new PCB software in 2019. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Managing Components

When you take a look at some of the PCB design software online, you’ll find that some are now offering a system that manages components. One example of this can be seen with Altium. This is a recent update that you can take full advantage of in 2019 if you make the swap. Think about how you can easily track the components that you are going to use and figure out which is best for your project.


From text to graphics, this software does it all. Pixabay
High speed design is very important to many designers so if this is one of your top priorities,Pixabay


High Speed Design

Is the current package that you are using as fast as you need it to be? Some of the other packages on the market actually come with high speed design tools that you can take full advantage of to boost your project and meet your deadlines. High speed design is very important to many designers so if this is one of your top priorities, consider trying a new software package in 2019.

Rule Checking

Errors can appear throughout the different parts of your project but are you aware of them as soon as they appear? 2019 versions of PCB design software come with impressive rule checking tools which will periodically check your design for any issues. You should also find that it will all be presented to you on a user-friendly interface making solving problems much easier and much more efficient if you make the change.

PCB Design
The final reason why you might want to switch your PCB design software for a better version in 2019 is the fact that you will get better support


Another reason why you might want to change the PCB design software package that you use in 2019 is the new views that better packages are offering. Now, you can view your design in both 2D and 3D meaning that you can get to grips with your design a lot easier. Many designers have benefited from using 3D views on their projects so make sure to take advantage of this in the coming year.

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The final reason why you might want to switch your PCB design software for a better version in 2019 is the fact that you will get better support. With the more popular packages, there are more forums and other users are always happy to give you some advice. On top of this, you can enjoy extensive guides and training with some of the best PCB design packages out there.

2019 is the year to up your PCB design game and improve on the projects that you did last year. Think about switching your design software for a newer version and you will see the benefits.