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Tips to Find the Right Balance Between Work From and At Home

Strike a balance between Work from Home and Work at Home

The transition to working from home due to the lockdown comes with its unique set of stressors and challenges, particularly when there’s a life-threatening pandemic in the backdrop. This fear from coronavirus has confined everybody to their homes, but it is an important to keep your spirits high to overcome this unconventional phase.

The most important aspect is to maintain some semblance of balance – �It is a first time experience for everyone around you.’ When you adjust to this thought, it will make things easier for you and everyone around,” says Dushyant Sinha, Founder, FindMyCowork.

He shares few tips to find the right balance between your work from home schedule and other regular household chores.

work from home
Select an area in your home from where you can do professional work. Pixabay

Wake up early

Waking up early in the morning gives you some extra time to look after yourself, through physical exercise or meditation. It also with no house help around, as it allows you ample time to take care of household chores as well. Fixing a schedule in such case might prove useful too. Don’t hesitate to seek help from other family members to juggle things around.

Fix your workspace

Select an area in your home from where you can do professional work. Avoid utilizing your bedroom or dining area for the same. Try selecting a sitting area where you can sit upright. This will help you maintain your posture and reduce the chances of fatigue.

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Utilise breaks

The work cycle has lots of things to do on an individual basis, apart from attending team meetings and handling co-ordination of work. Make your breaks count by setting out goals, like walking for a bit. Sitting for long periods can also have serious health issues. The best part about working from home is flexibility. Make sure you and your employer are on the same page about non-traditional working style, as this will eradicate any possibility of confusion.

work from home
You need to balance your work life as well as your household chores. Pixabay

Equip your kids with activities and tasks

Quarantine in homes is not a very easy task for the kids as well. They somehow getting accustomed to it, but what they will be expecting the most is some quality time with their parents. This time will help you nurture your bond, and give the kids attention that they crave for. Making sure there are some limits, try giving them a few tasks or activities which they enjoy engaging in, or perhaps a new hobby.

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Save time for family interaction

Your family is the only support system which you can reach out to personally during these times. Manage your working hours in such a way, that you don’t come across as a burden. It is the best time to support and interact with them. Board games are helpful to lighten the mood. Video calls with your friends and relatives delivers a sense of being connected to the outside world. Don’t let the insanity of the times overpower your mind, staying positive is the best thing to do. (IANS)



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