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Tips to Put up a Successful Theatre Play

How to put up a drama or theatre performance

By Kanan Parmar

The well-know poet and playwright Oscar Wilde once said, 
“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

Theatre is a popular performing art which presents the experience of real or imaginative stories. It conveys the message to the audience by using expressions, gestures, music and dance.

To put up the best drama, here are things you need to consider to put up your play:

Theatre conveys the message to the audience by using expressions, gestures, music and dance. Pixabay

1. Choosing the script

You need to choose a script that you believe can direct properly. Your production has to be based on a genre that would be liked by the audience. Choosing the right production is indeed an obstacle and that is why you need to select a script that fits your budget. Your casting depends upon your script so be prepared accordingly.

2. Assemble the team and cast

As soon as you select the script, you need to gather the cast for your production. Apart from the actors you will need more people in your production team who will be taking care of light, sound, costumes, make-up, props, etc. After you have a group of people ready to dedicate their time for the theatre play, begin with the auditioning for the performers and right after the auditions, allot the roles to your team.

3. Begin with theatre exercises

Before you begin practising for your play, you always need to dedicate at least an hour for a few theatre exercises. These exercises will help you improve your voice expressions, modulations, listening and concentratin skills, improvisation skills, facial expression and body language.

4. Bond well with the team

A bonding among teammates is very crucial as it will help you understand your mates properly and decrease any chance of argument. In this way, you can know your co-actors properly and be comfortable with them.

A theatre show is incomplete without the proper lighting and sound. Pixabay

5. Practice

All actors should memorize the entire script and not just their role. Understand the stage blocking/direction properly. Remember, that even during your practice you should do the rehearsals along with the proper lighting and sound so there aren’t any mishaps on the performance day. Include your props from day one. During your last few days, begin with the costume rehearsals so that none of the actors have to face wardrobe malfunction.

6. Promoting the play

Publicity is necessity to reach out to people. People need to know that you are going to put up a theatre show. The promotion can be done by putting up posters, paid advertisements, fliers, etc.

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7. Performing with coordination

You need to work on your improvisation skills so that just in case you forget your dialogues, you can improvise and perform. Keep giving cues to your co-actors. Lastly, do not panic or be nervous. You’ve worked hard and you’ll give your best.

After all, never forget these wise words by the French dramatist, Victor Hugo, who said, 
“Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances.”





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