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Top 10 best Bollywood Adult Movies That are way Too Sexy

Top 10 A- rated movies of Bollywood you must watch alone.

Adult movies
Julie movie shot. Youtube
  • Bollywood produces a number of movies every year including flops, averaged, hits and Superhits.
  • Amongst all the genres adult movies create a lot of buzz and curiosity in the audience due to their erotic scenes and nudity in it.

Here top 10 Adult movies in Bollywood which you Can’t afford to Miss

  1. B.A.Pass

Actress Shilpa Shuka who was seen in movie ‘Chak De India’ played a bold and sensuous role in the movie which was out of expectations of the audience. The actress seduced a young boy in the movie and helped in becoming a male prostitute.

Adult movies
B.A. Pass movie shot. Youtube

2. Grand Masti

The movie starring Ritesh Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani as sex-starved husbands may not made us laugh but was way too hot with its erotic scenes and double meaning humor. The first two installments of ‘ Masti’ were a good example of sex-comedy.


Adult movies
Grand Masti movie poster.ians

3. Jism 2

The queen of seduction in Bollywood, Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda shared amazing chemistry on screen in Jism 2. The movie had erotic nude scenes which were way too hot to watch.


Adult movies
Jism 2 movie shot. ians

4. Hunterr

The movie showcased the various stages of a man from attaining puberty to marriage and how he handles his physical needs. Actor Gulshan Devaiah played the role of sex-maniac and slept around with a number of women before he found his ideal match.

Adult movies
Hunterr movie poster.ians

5. Mastram

Mastram is a fictitious name of a writer who writes erotic tales and faces many difficulties in getting his tales published. The movie showcases hypocrisy in the Indian society regarding sexual content and sexuality.

Adult movies
Mastram movie poster.ians

6. Hate Story

Actress Paoli Dami’s sensuous lovemaking scenes in the movie made it one the boldest movies in Bollywood. Her seductive voice and bold acting made the movie way too hot.

Adult movies
Hate Story movie poster. ians

7. Nasha

Poonam Pandey got famous from her statement of getting nude in front of the nation made her Bollywood debut with movie Nasha. She gave hot and steamy sex scenes in the movie with young actor Shivam Patil.

Adult movies
Nasha movie shot. Youtube

8. Girlfriend

The movie addresses the issue of homosexuality to eradicate orthodox sections of Indian society. Actresses Isha Kopikar and Amrita Rao are having few bold lovemaking scenes in the movie.

Adult movies
Girlfriend movie shot. Youtube

9. Jism

The sizzling chemistry between former couple John Abraham and Bipasha Basu shared the screen in Jism movie. The movie became a huge hit after release and gave a kick start to the actors’ careers.

Adult movies
Jism movie shot. Youtube

10. Julie

The movie based on a small town girl becoming a sex worker. Actress Neha Dhupia played the protagonist in the movie and gave bold sex scenes with her co-stars.

Adult movies
Julie movie shot. Youtube

Here is the list of top 10 Adult movies in Bollywood you must watch alone.

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Padmavati and The Modern Time’s Playboys

The movie 'Padmaavat' was finally launched on 25th of January after quite an uproar by the Rajput community

The movie ‘Padmavat’ has been in news and creating a wave of the storm since the time of its inception. Wikimedia Commons
The movie ‘Padmavat’ has been in news and creating a wave of the storm since the time of its inception. Wikimedia Commons

By Salil Geawli

Every community has its own viewpoint on a social issue. That usually varies with the time. What was considered too outrageous some thirty years ago is pretty normal now. Why? Then it calls for a serious introspection vis-a-vis the social changes, and our acceptance of lot many things. Well, we love to consume now anything which is seemingly mouth-watering, even though they may cause social indigestion and spiritual anaemia.

No wonder the almost entire educated world condemned the ‘Karni Sena’ or Rajput community because they vehemently resisted a Bollywood film on Padmaavat. These puritan Rajput folks felt sorely upset because they consider their beloved queen Padmavati in the cinematic screen very sacrilegious. For ages, the queen of Mewar has been held in high esteem, more precisely, as the “paramount pride” of the Rajput, apart from others in the country. What rubbed salt in their wound was when the Supreme Court finally upheld the ‘freedom of expression’ and issued a decree that all states’ governments should ensure the screening of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  film in their respective cinema halls. It seems the judicatory has almost lost its human perspective by paving way for the evil to raise its ugly head.  As expected, this triggered a series of backlashes. The Rajputs lost their sanity. They went on a rampage. They vandalized the public properties, burn a vehicle, pelted stones at a school bus, which was very uncalled for and inhumane too. Yes, historical records also caution us – ‘the fury of inferno and fury of crowds could always be disastrous’ — which our honourable judges fail to analyse and take the decision sensibly. Who will disagree, when the cherished “pride” is hurt the crowds go crazy!

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Presently, the ‘Karni Sena’ is headed by Lokendra Singh. Wikimedia Commons
Presently, the ‘Karni Sena’ is headed by Lokendra Singh. Wikimedia Commons

Phew, freedoms of expression and flagrant entertainment at the cost of the social chaos? Is a “fleeting sense pleasure” of Bollywood films more important than the social harmony and peace? This is the height of foolishness. How did our judges earn the academic degrees that they miss to understand the language of humanity? Needless to say, our advanced folks are often heedless to the hostile consequences that could arise due to the clashes of opinions and belief systems and basic human values and ethics. Should the educated and leaders in power not strive to create the atmosphere to strengthen the bond of relationship with those we have been living with for centuries?

I am afraid, these days most the educated believe that it’s no big deal even if the sharp edge of “mutual antagonism” punctures the social fabric. If any controversial issue, we make it legally justified overnight. Our motive is so narrow, our desire so self-centred. We brutally claim that no one has right to disturb our enjoyment of fun and frolic, be it at the cost the values and belief system of our fellow brothers.   This is how we refuge to forgo any short-lived entertainment. In order to meet this ‘demand and supply’, we have a swarm of our skillfully crafty people who churn out a whole lot of titillating cinemas, even by inviting the voluptuous stars from Canada and USA and serve them to us hot. The endless smutty acts of Sunny Leone have long brought millions into the gutter of pornography. Its adverse effect will be more visible after five to ten years from now. But against such depravity we are silent. If ever any protest from any front we will cry to the hilt in their defence. Who else can defeat us? Our defensive vocabulary has been well enriched by the ‘freedom of expression’. We have at our disposal the invincible media and techno academia to bang the table!

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Look at how we came out victorious. The film ‘Padmaavat’ got released. And, we all have enjoyed the despotic invader being glamorized here, and many of us have now been applauding this “brutal playboy” through our write-ups. This is how we justify anything outrageous and feel like we are the modern times Khilji!

In the star cast of the movie Padmaavat, Deepika Padukone is playing the role of Rani Padmaavat. Wikimedia Commons
In the star cast of the movie Padmaavat, Deepika Padukone is playing the role of Rani Padmaavat. Wikimedia Commons

Now let’s get down to the reality of the matter. At least with a little humane sensibility! Do any of our elites like to be “reminded” about anything ugly concerning their parents/ancestors or ones they hold in high esteem? Does it not upset any children if they would be “reminded” that their father was once very boisterous drunkard and gambler, and the mother was slyly chased after by a number of next door neighbours? Do these children then appreciate if any opportunistic person makes a film on that? I don’t think the children will ever tolerate which “remind” them of “past sleaze”.

Then how could we expect the Rajputs or others to tolerate to be “reminded”, most particularly, through the big-screen, that their “mother of pride” Padmavati was once “madly lusted after” by a lecherous Khilji? How could they endure to be haunted again that their “paragon of virtue and pride” was once about to be amorously desecrated by the over sensual invader from far off land? Could we forget the film PK where Lord Shiva was apparently insulted? Can a self-righteous director Rajkumar Hirani think of making a film denigrating his father and mother in the same manner?

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Yes, one’s prudence says, that our mind has been heavily “invaded” now by a whole lot of brutally lustful khiljis. And as a result of which we have only been becoming less accommodating, and more hurtful to others and human values. Even the Judiciary courts come forward to support all such wanton Khiljis. (Mahesh Bhatt, R. Hirani, Pooja Bhatt, Sunny Leone…).

Anyway, lastly, one wishes —  may the sacrificial Jauhar of brave Padmavati never fail to inspire the Rajputs and us. At least to uphold the spirit of righteous courage and values and save ourselves from the evil of the modern times playboys.