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Best lead generation sites. Pixabay

By Dewey Grant

Many lead generation companies promise to find you actionable leads. But not all of them have the necessary features to deliver on that promise.

If you are serious about increasing sales in your organization, you must focus on generating leads. This article will show you how you can benefit from the best online lead generation tools. These tools give you an account where you can save all your progress and use these data for your next project.

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So without any further delays, let us get started.


If you are a young sales executive, you might think finding your leads’ contact details is a very difficult job. But in reality, it isn’t if you know where to look and what tools to rely on.

SignalHire is an online Lead Generation tool that comes with a Mozilla and Chrome extension. Once you create an account, you can conduct searches using names, location, industry, age, and many other metrics that matter to you. After you have the search result and your desired email leads, you can add them to different lists for better management.

Currently, has a database of over 400 million people. Along with that, it can crawl through different social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, curating useful contact details of your target audience.


If you have a fondness for software with a neat and easy-to-use interface, then RightHello is the right pick for you. Professionals have described this online tool as the most advanced and clean lead generation tool out there.

RightHello is the right pick of software for you. Pixabay

But why believe what people have to say about them? You can start using their Trial version today and find out how they work yourself.

Digital marketers and content writers use this tool for lead generation. However, there are a lot of marketing and sales executives who use this tool, too.


UpLead hosts a rich database of valuable leads. From there, you can figure out the contact details of your target audience. Along with helping you to curate contact details, UpLead will help you get an overview of your target market.

Getting the hang of UpLead is also very easy. All you need to do is visit their website and paste the URL of a bunch of companies. This is enough for UpLead. It will then crawl through the links and gather any contact information it can find.

Hunter is another tool that lets you find the Email addresses of leads at your selected companies. Unlike other lead generation software, it will help you both curate emails and then validate them.

To start using this tool, all you need is a free account. If your sales strategy is to make it as easy as possible for your sales department to reach your target market, then is something you should try out.

Hunter is another tool that lets you find the Email addresses of leads. Pixabay


Unlike other lead generation tools, DiscoverOrg focuses on one thing only. It is not like those tools that only help you curate the contact details of your target audience. It will give you enough information about your lead so that you know how to approach them when you finally decide to make the sales call.

DiscoverOrg boasts its database, which contains information about professionals, marketers, senior managers, and so on.


ZoomInfo is based on the premise that quality data is better than an abundance of data. If you have been using a free lead generation tool that has many limitations, as soon as you start using ZoomInfo, you will see the difference in real-time.

If you have not yet developed a lead list for your business, ZoomInfo can help you get started. It lets you conduct rigorous data mining and sort them once the operation is complete.


Aeroleads have been accused of stuffing their database with outdated contact details. But that was long back. The company has since then improved its service.

Along with contact data curation, they also focus on data verification. While visiting any website, or a LinkedIn profile, you can simply click on the Aeroleads button; the desired account’s contact details will be automatically added to your Aeroleads dashboard.


People love Leadmine as it is a highly effective B2B lead generation tool with solid data verification measures in place. Thanks to their Chrome extension, you can start gathering contact details within minutes after you sign-up with this platform.

Leadmine gives you the ability to export your lead lists and integrate them with your preferred CRM. It has an advanced search dashboard, from where you can specify your search criteria and also see the search results in real-time.

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals of all sorts to connect with each other. Pixabay

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals of all sorts to connect with each other. For sales executives, it introduced the LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature. Using it, users could easily crawl the entire network and generate valuable leads.

Along with data curation, it also gives its users generous storage. This way, you can save your leads, segregate them into different groups, and save them for later use. LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s biggest drawback is that they also include outdated and inactive accounts in their final search results.


Unlike other lead generation tools, LeadFuze offers something new. It has an AI assistant that will guide you through all the steps involved in lead generation for your company. However, don’t form inflated expectations; the AI is still in an initial stage and only offers a handful of features.

Thanks to the integration between LeadFuze, and Zapier, many marketing professionals can now focus on other important tasks that need their attention. If you need any assistance, you can reach out to their support team 24/7.

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You cannot expect to grow your business if you do not put effort into curating leads. Yes, there might be an existing market for your product, people might be well aware of their needs, but still, you might fail to gain traction if you do not develop an actionable list of valuable leads.

In the above list, we looked at the best lead generation tools out in the market. All of the tools we listed above are online platforms. This means you do not need to download anything to your device. If you have a stable internet connection, you can access it from anywhere. They allow you to conduct industry-wide companies lookup, using certain criteria such as location, name, and other filters.

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored and hence promotes some commercial links.)



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