We all know that it is not an easy thing to take an off from work. You either have to be extremely sick, or you have to lie about being sick. So, just because you don’t want to go to work because you do not feel like it is never an option. And, frankly speaking, if you tell your boss that you don’t want to come to work because you are not in the vibe, they will be pretty pissed at you.

However, just because your boss will be pissed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take off every once in a while. I am not saying that I start lying. But, you don’t have to be completely honest about it either. Let’s find a grey area and use it to get you off.

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Shall we?

Get a Doctor’s Note

The first and the most legit reason to get an off is being sick. But, you may need a doctor’s note as proof if you want to get an off. Don’t worry; it’s no big deal to get one these days. Learn more about it and enjoy an off day from work.

Your House Maintenance

Your house needs maintenance, but you have planned it for the weekend. But wait. You can take an off because of this and still get it done on the weekend. So, if you think about it, technically, it still won’t be a lie.

Take a leave asking for your house maintenance. Pixabay

What if Your Car is Broken

If your car is broken, then don’t go to lengths to make it work. Take it as an opportunity given to you by nature and take an off. Have rest and get it fixed in the evening and make it on time in the office. If HR asks for the proof, show them the receipt.

Your Parents Could be In Town

If your parents are in town, it can serve as a great way to take an off from work. If you have a clean record, then HR will definitely understand and will give you an off.

You May Have to Check Up On a Friend

Call in for an off and tell them that you have to check up on a sick friend. A doctor’s note will help you here as well to make your reason sound legit.

What about the PT Meeting of Your Child

Have to attend PT Meeting. Flickr

If you have a meeting at your kid’s school, then it is important, and you have to make it there. Take an off, attend the meeting, and have a rest for the rest of the day.

You Are Still Intoxicated

Believe me when I say that your boss won’t want you to be at work when you are still a little drunk from last night. So, simply tell them that you are still intoxicated from last night and enjoy a day off.

What about the Visit to Your Therapist

A doctor’s note is going to cover you here. I am not saying that you should use your mental health as an excuse, but if taking a day off is what you need, just do it.

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Use Rain to Your Advantage

If you have been working really hard lately and haven’t taken a single day off, then use a rainy day to your advantage. Take off from work and enjoy the day with your loved one at home.

You May Have Contagious Flu

It is legit, guys. If you have the flu, don’t try to be a hero and go to work. Tell your HR and just stay at home and wait for it to get better. Meanwhile, enjoy your day off.

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