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Top 5 B. Tech Specialisations in India

Learn from world leaders in the industry with specialized, hands-on knowledge

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UPES is among the top colleges of India in providing specialisation courses. Pixabay

A bachelor of technology degree has long been the chosen field of academic career for several students worldwide. This is mainly because of the varied professional paths that it has to offer. Adding a specialisation to a B. Tech course guarantees detailed knowledge and complete information in a particular field that a student might be interested in. Let us take a look at some of the specialised disciplines in engineering that you can pursue in India.

  • B. Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering This program is designed to develop technical competency among students to take up managerial roles in the field of exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Additionally, students will also get the opportunity to become proficient in the upstream engineering sector. It provides students with hands-on training of the applications of digital technologies on upstream that can allow them to take up roles as a data scientist and digital officers in the future.
  • B. Tech Chemical Engineering – This B. Tech course helps students gain an in-depth understanding of the best global practices in the fields of natural gas processing, transportation and utilisation techniques. Furthermore, students will also learn about the applications of specific upstream activities, including exploration, reservoir and production processes. After completing this degree, students can find employability in a variety of industrial sectors including, chemical, refining & Petrochemical Fertilizers and allied sectors, engineering, procurement and construction, research & development.
  • B. Tech Mechatronics Engineering – Through this program, graduates will practice mechatronics engineering in various areas of industrial and non-industrial automation. Additionally, they will pursue advanced and interdisciplinary learning modules and research courses in the domain of robotics, automation, and process control and mechatronics product design. Students will also gain expertise in the designing of real-time mechatronic systems, components and processes by applying their knowledge of mechanical, electrical, computer science and artificial intelligence. This will allow them to take on a professional career in technical, managerial and entrepreneurial role.
B. Tech in UPES
To develop industry focused engineers with expertise in the areas of oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, transportation, electronics, automotive design and aviation. Pixabay
  • B. Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering – This course will provide students with a good grounding on the designing and manufacturing aspects of electronic devices and components, integrated circuits, wireless devices. Furthermore, students will get hands-on training on their numerous applications in the industry, including the digital working of electronic circuitry. The career-oriented skills developed through this program enable students to become well-equipped engineers and analysts. 
  • B. Tech Electrical Engineering – This B. Tech program is known to be the main core branch of engineering and professional engineering discipline that has a strong demand in the industry. With the industrial growth being skyrocketed, the demand for electrical engineers is increasing across all regions of the world. Electrical engineering graduates are typically hired by power generation, transmission, distribution, as well as service sector companies.

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If you are interested in land lucrative and out-of-the-box job roles, then applying for an innovative B. Tech course will help you achieve that. So, go ahead and explore all the options available to embark upon the specialised program that suits you the best.

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A Rendezvous with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things
A training of 'Internet of Things' can help you become more inclined towards new developments in the field of electronics. Pixabay

About the Author: Atharva Patil is pursuing B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VIT University, Vellore. He joined Internshala Trainings for Internet of Things and shares insightful details about his experience.

I started visiting Internshala after my sister recommended it to me for internships. At that time, I had no idea about the concept of online training. When my vacations were about to start, I received an email from the platform regarding their online training programs that were to be offered. I checked them out and loved the wide variety of courses offered. I wanted to learn 4-5 skills but was most intrigued by the Internet of Things (IoT) training. I aspire to build a career in the field of electronics and this training seemed fresh and a lot more interesting than the traditional programs.

Atharva Patil Internet of Things
Atharva Patil joined Internshala Trainings for Internet of Things.

I registered for the program and it started with an introductory video. The interface was very intuitive and easy to understand. The training was divided into four modules – the first one was software-based along with the basic introduction to IoT and its scope in the future. It taught me the basics of HTML in a very efficient way. Coding was always a bit difficult for me but the step by step introduction to the language and videos for further details helped me master the basics. The other things I learned were JavaScript and the use of CSS in JavaScript. Furthermore, I learned all these while practising them simultaneously which I felt was the best aspect of this program.

The second module focused on the hardware part. I had received the required kit before the beginning of the training and it contained more than sufficient components for the various experiments. The module had informative videos on different hardware components which helped me understand the intricate connections clearly. I was relieved that I could learn according to my own pace and spend more time on the topics that I was less comfortable with.

Internet of things
For anyone aspiring to build a career in the field of electronics, an ‘Internet of Things’ Training is beneficial. Pixabay

The last module introduced technologies like IFTTT and its applications in the field of IoT. It also focused on different experiments like BOLT Cloud etc. I enjoyed the tests at the end of every module which acted as keys to unlock the treasure of the next module. In the end, there was an exam too, and it was mandatory to clear the exam in order to get the coveted certificate.

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After the training ended, I became more inclined towards new developments in the field of electronics. With improved skills and an important certificate, I soon became the core committee member of the student forum for the famous professional society, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) and also started participating in other chapter activities in my university.

Courtesy: Internshala Trainings ( – e-learning platform to learn new-age skills from Internshala.