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Photo by Darko Mitev on Unsplash

Fashion and apparel industries have seen major changes over the last year.

By John

Over the past year, fashion and apparel have taken interesting turns. These trends may be a result of cultural shifts and the pandemic. It is essential to stay on top of the latest trends as a seller in this industry. This post will discuss 9 top fashion trends like Vlone Shirt and then dive into 2021 predictions. Let's wrap up with some tips on selling clothes on

Let's start by looking at some industry statistics.

Top 5 trends in the fashion and apparel industry

We mentioned that the fashion and apparel industries have seen major changes over the last year. Let's look at the top nine trends in this industry.

1. eCommerce continues to grow

Online shopping has been a popular option for consumers for several years. However, COVID lockdowns forced many stores to close for months. Many temporary closures were made permanent because these stores couldn't absorb the losses and bounce back.

Fortunately, eCommerce was already a common practice before the pandemic. Some businesses were able to survive by switching to eCommerce almost exclusively. There aren't many benefits for businesses to go back to brick and mortar, so eCommerce is expected to continue growing.

2. Clothes become genderless

These constructs and their "norms", the idea of gender, are changing. Society has placed men in two boxes for centuries. Many cultures are blurring these lines. People are choosing to wear clothes that are comfortable for them, rather than clothing that is based on what they sex.

This has led to the creation of more non-gendered clothing. There are very few brands that are completely genderless at the moment, but there are many others that incorporate unisex "Basics." lines. Blindness, One DNA and Muttonhead are some of the most well-known genderless brands.

Although the vast majority of fashion industry is divided into "men's," women's," boys's, girls' and "boys', there are unisex options that allow people to avoid those labels if they wish.

Many fashion retailers realized that comfort was key by the end of 2020. Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

3. Increase in sales of comfortable clothing

COVID-19 has radically changed the way many people live. People have been spending more time at their homes, with many people shifting to remote work and children learning online. People have been spending more time at home and there has been an increase in the sales of loungewear1 and athleisure1.

There was a 143% rise2 in sales of pajamas and a 13% drop in sales of bras in March 2020. Comfort was a priority for people from the beginning.

Many fashion retailers realized that comfort was key by the end of 2020. They designed their campaigns to highlight the most comfortable products.

Many businesses continue to offer remote work options, so it's possible that this trend will be around for some time.

4. Ethical and sustainable buying behavior

Recent years have seen a rise in public attention to social issues related to fashion, particularly fast fashion.

Because of consumer spending habits, textile waste3 has reached an all-time high. Consumers buy far more clothing than they actually need. Every year, billions of tonnes of textile waste is generated. Some people prefer brands that make durable, high-quality clothing that lasts a long time and those that recycle materials.

The use of sweatshops is another ethical concern. Many are uncomfortable with the idea that factory workers are being paid pennies to work under very poor conditions. Fair trade is becoming more popular as consumers become more aware of these issues.

These trends will likely continue for many years as people make lifestyle changes towards sustainability and the like.

5. The growth of "ReCommerce"

ReCommerce has grown in popularity over the last year. This is buying used clothes at a consignment shop or thrift store. It can also be done directly online. The "ReCommerce" trend has been facilitated by consumer to consumer marketplaces such as DePop, OfferUp and Facebook.

This trend is partly due to the shift towards eco-friendly purchasing and reducing waste. However, "upcycling" or repurposing old pieces has also been growing. It is the process of reusing clothing to make it more fashionable. This can include dying, cutting and sewing clothing to create something new.

ReCommerce offers consumers another major advantage: they can purchase gently used Travis Scott clothing at a fraction the retail price.

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