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India has always boasted of brilliant writers. there is no dearth of craftsmanship and talent in India. The writings of Indian writers in English also proves their command over the foreign language.

The success of Indian writers has escalated to such extent that even Indian women authors have made us proud with their mesmerizing writings. Besides becoming best sellers, their works have been lauded globally.

Jhumpa Lahiri: One of the most famous Indian author who has a different essence in her

writing. She is famous for her style of writing which mostly revolves around the Immigrants and the problems they face in a foreign land. She shares her own experience of being an immigrant, that is the only reason her stories have a genuine touch in them. The only thing that makes her so famous is the fact that her writing being so simple, yet she conveys a complicated message. Her famous novel, The Lowland, deals with the effects of the choices made by people.

Arundhati Roy: Arundhati Roy, one of the most recognized authors of India, produced many

masterpieces, The God of Small Things, being the best of them. She mostly writes about the social justice and the pains suffered by various social groups. Reading her books can be a bit daunting but she portrays the reality that go un-noticed by many. Her book The God of Small Things is a perfect example of her writings, portraying how small things can affect people’s lives.

Anita Desai

One of the most accomplished writers of India, Anita Desai was been nominated for the Booker Prize for at least three times.

She was awarded the prestigious “SahityaAkademi” and “Padma Bhushan” in 2014 for her contribution to Indian Literature.

Her must read is IN CUSTODY, which revolves around a lecturer in a small town and the calamities that overtake him. Her stories strike a chord deep in the reader’s heart besides being humorous at the same time.

Indira Goswami: Indira Goswami started writing all her books in the Assamese language

which were later translated to English. She mainly focused on bringing social change and tried bringing unity in various Assamese communities by her works. Her most famous writing is Pages Stained with Blood, which deals with the Sikh Massacre, Operation Blue Star and assassination of Indira Gandhi.

Kiran Desai: She is another popular author who brought popularity of Indian writings and

fiction. Most of her writings are inspired by her experience as an immigrant living in America and the problems faced by the people staying there. She touches the readers’ heart via her writings especially when it comes to, “Make it In America”. Her must read is The Inheritance of Loss, which moves around the theme of migration and living between the two worlds.

Anuja Chauhan: The out of the league author focussed on the genre of romantic novels.

While romance is the lifeline of the book, her stories also depict humor in them. Her must-read book is The Zoya Factor, which revolved around an advertising rep becoming a lucky charm for the Indian cricket team. (Picture

(Inputs by Purti Kalra)



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