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Top 5 smartphones trending in India right now


By Varnika Mahajan

Love it, hate it, you simply can’t ignore a smartphone. The significance of a smartphone knows no bounds now. Thus selecting the best among the best smartphones is no child’s play.

We bring you five advanced smartphones which have created a niche for themselves, marking their dominance in the mobile world:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5



The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the best Android smartphone that money can buy. The device also has state of the art hardware and a great camera making it the best Samsung has offered to date.

The phone is a combination of power and design.

The Galaxy Note 5 is Samsung’s latest flagship. This phablet features a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM and is fueled by the Exynos 7420 64-bit octa-core processor. The device also packs in a 16-megapixel OIS camera along with Samsung’s S Pen stylus. The company has also pre-installed a number of software features to complement the S Pen stylus.

Price: Rs.44490.

Buy at

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Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy


This out and out performer hasn’t been able to find any other flagship smartphone competitor this year, therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ are still amongst the best devices out there.

Not only are they fueled by one of the best SoCs out there (Exynos 7420), but they also come with great design, camera and build.

Price: Rs. 33,900.00 to Rs. 56,700.00

Buy at

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Apple iPhone 6s



The iPhone 6s is Apple’s Latest smartphone which lives up to its name. The smartphone with the perfect size overall has a great display and the upgraded camera is brilliant. This powerful smartphone with an additional 3D touch is to die for.

Price: Rs.44499

Buy at

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OnePlus 2



The self-proclaimed 2015 flagship killer qualifies as a good phone. OnePlus has walked the extra mile to get over the Snapdragon 810’s heating issues and added a nice camera to it. If you’re buying a new phone, this would be a good choice since this one of the best VFM smartphones out there.

Price: Rs. 24999

Buy at

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Huawei Nexus 6P


Made by Huawei, the Nexus 6P has aeronautical-grade aluminum and is available in 3 storage options – 32GB 64GB & 128GB.

The Nexus 6P is one of the biggest surprises of the year since the phone offers one of the best stock Android experiences, along with a great camera, specifications, and a sturdy build. The 5.7-inch QHD AMOLED display is available up front while the device also packs 3GB of RAM and is fueled by the Snapdragon 810 SoC.

Price: Rs 38,432


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Unlocking Android Phones With ‘Ok Google’ Ends

For Google's phone and tablet users, this will mean both a loss of functionality and a significant gain in terms of security

Google assistant
This was despite the fact that some of Google Home users did not even say the wake word, "Hey Google". Wikimedia Commons

Google is getting rid of the ability to unlock your phone with Voice Match and the “Ok Google” command in a new update to the Google app further securing the system.

The search-engine giant has decided to limit the “Voice Match” unlock feature to only launch the Assistant interface on the lock screen instead of unlocking the Android device on the basis of voice match.

“Moto Z” and “Pixel XL” devices had already lost the functionality with the Google app’s 9.27 update.

With the 9.31 update, other devices that still had continued to have full voice unlocking powers, will also lose it, Engadget reported on Friday.

Previously, with an “Ok Google” command and question, the device would unlock the screen to the app concerned.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant. (IANS)

From here on users will have to unlock their devices to go beyond just personal results like Google Calendar, email, reminders and shopping lists.

Google had already chosen not to include the “Unlock with Voice Match” feature when it launched the “Pixel 3” and “Pixel 3XL”.

At the CES 2019, the company announced just days ago that it would also be doing away with the feature on all Android devices, the report said.

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This step would safeguard phones from anybody, who could try to barge into the device on the basis of a similar voice or a recording of the user’s own voice.

For Google’s phone and tablet users, this will mean both a loss of functionality and a significant gain in terms of security, the report noted. (IANS)