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Top E-Commerce Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Know about the top growing e-commerce trends such as Augmented Reality

In 1995 the first product was ordered online from the Amazon store, which was the book. But 25 years later, e-commerce industries evolved and achieved their highest sales, which was $3.54 trillion worldwide. When these industries started their business, they were limited and had no capabilities to convince their customers to buy products. But when the time passed, they evolved themselves and made online experiences easier for today’s customers who need innovative products. 

It is a great time to become a store owner or an online retailer. Still, it is also essential to keep an eye on the e-commerce industry how it is evolving and enhancing their technology day by day and how e-commerce industry earning massive revenues. 

Top E-commerce Trends in 2020

We believe that 2020 is the best year of the transformation of the e-commerce world. Here are the top e-commerce trends to watch out for 2020.

e-commerce trends
Augmented reality technology gives rise to the e-commerce industry with this technology create a live environment for the customers.

Augmented reality and virtual reality:

According to the latest research from Garter in 2020, million consumers will shop online, and online shopping provides many benefits such as save time to going to multiple shops. Shopping online helps you to buy products while staying at home. Augmented reality technology gives rise to the ecommerce industry with this technology create a live environment for the customers. With the help of augmented reality or virtual reality, customers can try products virtually and can also decide that these goods will fit in their homes or not. Augmented reality and virtual reality have a sharp and bright future and can enhance the e-commerce industry in 2020.

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Mobile Phones and 5G Technology:

An e-commerce website is the basis of online commerce. Nowadays, millions of people are shopping online through their mobile phone devices, and according to the latest researched, almost 39% of all commercial transactions in 2018 were carried out through mobile phones. It is clear that millions of people used their mobile phones for purchases in 2018. But later in 2019, almost 60% of the commercial transaction was carried out through smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, 5G Technology is also increasing in 2020, and it will significantly expand the possibilities of the ecommerce industry. With the help of a 5G network, the user can shop fast and secure checkout due to its high internet speed. 

Chatbots Technology improves shopping experiences:

Chatbots or conversation technology is based on machine language. In 2020 this technology is using by almost all e-commerce stores, which help them to communicate with thousands of customers at a time. Through this chatbot technology you can ask a series of question from your new customers which attract the customers towards your business. Many companies are already using chatbots such as Sephora, eBay, Snap Travel, and H&M.

An e-commerce website is the basis of online commerce.

Shopping through social media:

In 2020 the social media become the most useable platform in the world and this platform is not more than share, likes and comments on photos, but now these platforms become the mini search engines for the online shopping. As a latest researched showed that 60% of online shoppers bought their products through social media platform posts. The social media platform has a bright future and can enhance the e-commerce industry in 2020.

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence:

Machine learning, also known as artificial intelligence which helps the e-commerce store owner to grow their online business effectively. In 2020 many store owners using artificial intelligence which provide ab better experiences to the buyers based on their purchasing habits. With this technology, you can make a smarter choice for your digital ad spending and target the best audience and earn more revenue. Machine learning or artificial intelligence are the two main e-commerce trends in 2020.

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