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For those who dream to make their careers in the technical field, programming helps them to develop computational thinking. Pixabay

Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” and this thought contradicts the concept of how people conceive programming that is, just as a job role. Technology dominates every industry today and for those who aim to make their careers in the IT sector, minimum computer literacy would not work anymore. In-depth understanding of various concepts and programming languages is what employers are looking for. Online.

Anyone with a basic understanding of programming makes way for logical thinking, strengthens problem-solving abilities, and maintain pace with technological boom. For those who dream to make their careers in the technical field, programming helps them to develop computational thinking through coding and prepare them to deliver required user experience.

Online trainings have now made learning to write codes much simpler than ever before. Packed with multiple assessment tests, assignments, exercises, code challenges, quizzes, and perks like placement training, industrial project, and certificate makes online trainings engaging and impactful than any other form of learning.

Here are a few online programming trainings for learners to master this year!

Anyone with a basic understanding of programming makes way for logical thinking, strengthens problem-solving abilities, and maintain pace with technological boom. Pixabay

  • Web Development – Web or website development is the process of creating dynamic websites that are hosted through the internet. As websites are one of the prerequisites for every business to operate, web development is considered as the best way for beginners to start coding. Through some online web development trainings, you get to learn multiple concepts like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQLi. You can learn HTML & CSS to build the structure of web pages and to style them, and Bootstrap to develop responsive pages. Knowledge of SQL helps you to write SQL queries to create, manage, and store information in the database, while PHP allows you to perform operations on the database and to build functional logic. Understanding of all these helps you to strengthen your overall command on various aspects of web development.
  • Ethical Hacking – even after ensuring the security parameters multiple times, companies unwillingly overlook some potential security vulnerabilities that can allow hackers to steal their valuable data. To trigger these weaknesses, organisations hire ethical hackers. Such individuals find out the potential weaknesses and ensure that they are rectified before it comes in the eyes of real hackers. Online trainings on ethical hacking deal with multiple concepts and teach you to perform a vulnerability assessment and penetration test. Starting from scratch, you get to learn about the basics of information security and computer networking, information gathering and basics of web development, advanced web application attacks, client-side attacks, with a knowledge of Web VAPT, OWASP and SQL Injections. A detailed understanding of this course can help you find multiple job opportunities in financial services security, wireless network security, information security in businesses, and a lot more.
  • Android App Development – today, uncountable apps are submitted every day to the Google play store; however, more than 75% of these lack the problem-solving ability and smooth user experience. Online platforms come up with fully-fledged Android app development trainings to give you a hands-on experience of both front-end and back-end development. From building user interfaces to designing functionalities, you will learn every aspect in detail in this training. As every app is meant to solve a different customer problem, the training develops your problem-solving skills at its best. Including languages such as XML and Kotlin, the training helps you to learn different ways of solving a problem, coming up with the best UI/UX, and ultimately, developing an app that beats your fellow competitors.
  • Programming with C and C++ – language C and C++ are two of the most flexible, versatile, simple, and popular programming languages. For anyone who aims to dive deeper into the world of programming, knowledge of C and C++ is essential. Online training on the same, teaches you the basics of C language and how to write your own functions. In advanced C, you learn the concepts of arrays, pointers, structures, and unions. OOP and C++ take you through the concept of objects, classes, structures, and unions. And finally, advanced C++ programming helps you to understand the concepts of abstract classes and exception handling. After training completion, you get to deploy the skills obtained on an industrial project which tests your practical understanding of the overall training.

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  • Data Science – a huge amount of raw and unstructured data is produced and stored in the repository of organisations every minute. Data science helps in deriving meaningful insights through this data with analytical, programming, and business skills. Data analytics, machine learning, data mining, and big data are all a part of data science. It also involves designing predictive models, prototypes, and algorithms after analysing the data. Right from letting you learn the basics of data science to teaching predictive modelling and machine learning, online platforms provide fully-fledged courses. A few major things that you get to learn include reading files, understanding operators, variables, dictionaries, functions, and data structures in data science. The training also helps you to understand the concepts of descriptive stats and inferential stats, data distribution, probability, data statistics, and types of testing.

With the growing use of technology and digitalisation, the requirement of professional programmers is sure to grow at an exceptional level. Whether you aim to start your own business or work for an organisation, an understanding of any of the above-mentioned programming languages would positively affect your career. While a lot of people still fall prey to the misconception that programming is limited to developing technical skills, those who learn to programme know how it positively changes the way they think and live.

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