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Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Escape Room Adventure In Columbus, Ohio

Competitive socializing is the new draw for a fun night out in Columbus


Columbus is a diverse midwestern town, boasting funky festivals, die-hard sports fans, and loads of attractions to discover. It presents something for all, from families to food lovers, sports fanatics to artsy types, leaving everyone enthralled.

If you are into sports, then watching Columbus Blue Jackets play a hockey game might be your thing. On the other hand, Columbus Commons will surely interest you if you wish to have a wonderful family time.

But you can step up the thrill factor in your get-togethers with family and friends by taking everyone into the fantasy world of escape room Columbus, Ohio. It counts as an outdoorsy activity, allowing you to escape from the hot and muggy summers of Columbus while you enjoy quality time with your close ones.

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Here are a few fantastic tips for choosing the perfect escape room adventure in the capital city.

Choose a Premium Location

As per a recent statistic, Ohio has 0.62 escape room facilities per 100k residents, ranking in the top 10 U.S. states with the highest escape room density.

An outing with your circuit is not just about adventure; it also includes other aspects, like eating, shopping, and exploring the rest of the city.

Choose a facility located in an area like the Giant Eagle Plaza immediately off State Route 161, less than 20 minutes from the Columbus Convention Center. You will have access to the Local Cantina and other city offerings to experience.

Choose a premium location for your stay. Pinterest

Check for Adventurous Themes

Columbus has 74 active permits for maintaining farm animals within city limits. However, with increased costs due to updated city rules, you will not find too many options to spend time with your pet pals.

But what if you get a barnyard theme escape room, where you and your group have to save pesky animals from powerful winds?

Top companies present such captivating themes, including history and sci-fi, offering you a one-of-a-kind experience with unexpected plot twists. Choose the one that provides various options, ensuring you select the adventure that captivates all.

Check for Reasonable Costs

Based on local travelers’ past experiences, you will need about $75 to spend a day in Columbus on average.

Leading escape room outlets in Columbus, Ohio offer a tiered pricing schedule that perfectly fits your expected budget. If you are a large group, you are in for a treat, as the prices get slashed with a higher headcount.


Go for options that offer you the thrills at affordable prices, depending on the number of people and hours you wish to spend playing the mystery games.

Check for Attractive Discounts and Incentives

In Columbus, reputable escape room companies offer incentives like saving $1 on sharing their brand names on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, they also offer gift vouchers you can present to your loved ones to make their special occasions more exciting.

Ensure you select a center that lets you avail of their electronic gift vouchers on their website or physical gift cards from their location.

Check For At Least an Hour of Adventure Time

If you plan for an outing with friends in Columbus, you would consider going scavenger hunting Downtown or shopping at Easton Town Center. But covering such places will take you more than 2 hours, and more importantly, the trip can get boring at some point.

The best way to enjoy it is by spending an hour solving challenging puzzles and mysteries with pals, keeping everyone engaged during the entire time. See if the outlets offer gripping 60 to 75-minute sessions in the best ambiance with theatrical lightings, sound, and special effects.

You can do your shopping at Easton Town Center. Pinterest

Check for Higher Allowed Player Count

When you take your extended family, say to the Columbus Zoo or Zoombezi Bay, there are chances that you might end up stressed out keeping the group together.

You can avoid such situations by booking game sessions at a sophisticated escape room facility in Columbus. The leading labels offer sessions for up to 8 to 10 players. Look for options where you can host large circles and ensure all experience immersive adventures with dynamic storylines.

Check for Adequate Safety Measures

In the last year, Franklin County has reported over 85,000 Covid-19 cases, with over 650 deaths.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, see that the facility you choose has sufficient safety measures to keep you and your close ones safe. Check if all rooms you book are private, with proper sanitization between every session and every staff member wearing a mask.

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Parting Words

Competitive socializing is the new draw for a fun night out in Columbus. With concepts like Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge and Columbus Axe Throwing in the Brewery District amusing the locals, escape rooms filled with mysteries are the latest entrants.

Plan your group size, budget, and book the best escape room facility in Columbus, Ohio well in advance, ensuring that everyone enjoys a delightful time filled with tons of surprises to remember for life.

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