Transform Your Home With Regional Traditional Art Forms

Festivities come alive with colors

Transform your home
Transform your home in regional form. Pixabay

Come the festive season, and homes turn into a melting pot of culture, family, and warm cheer. Transforming your abode with a special focus on traditional arts and color is something that can add to the festive joy.

Festive additions like a Madhubani or Worli painting, a carpet done in a pallet of golden and crimson, or wallpapers are an option, and can truly transform a room or your home.

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Festivities come alive with colors. Most people will now turn to give a facelift to their homes as is customary. With walls, kitchenware, a little furniture polish here and there, and some linen upgrades, we are all set to welcome the festivities with enthusiasm and aplomb. There is no better time or way to co-create beautiful transformations to the house, says Manoj Rathi, Head, U&Us home design studio.

“Bright and peppy interior decor is the best way to capture the spirit of celebration. Regional traditional art forms like Madhubani art, artifacts along wall art can be used very effectively to create a beautiful inviting ambiance which is a rich potpourri of culture. Accent colored/print wallpapers are a great way of giving an instant festive vibe to your humble abode,” Rathi told IANSlife.

Transform your home
Bright and peppy interior decoration is the best way to capture the spirit of celebration. Pinterest

According to Lalitesh Manderkar, General Manager – Design at Godrej Interior, redecorating the house is also one tradition during festivities.

“On festivals, we dress in festive clothing and our homes with flowers and colorful rangoli. The festival rituals and traditions help in many ways that people aren’t always cognizant of. Colors and patterns have different symbolic relevance in diverse cultures, and this integrated into celebrations in one way or the other and also uplifts spirits.

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It is during these festive times that we welcome our family and friends into our homes to celebrate, for which we prep our homes in many ways � deep cleaning of the house, paint the walls, purchase new furniture or furnishings, etc,” he said.

People can also turn to brands like Godrej Interio, to transform their homes for the auspicious days with colorful and elegant decor, sofa and upholstery fabrics, and even opt for traditional folk art on their furniture and wardrobes. (IANS)