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5 Travel Ideas and Destinations for Exciting Group Vacations in United States

It doesn’t matter if you are with your bachelorette group or your family, these travel ideas can work for anyone

The planning process doesn’t truly begin for vacations until you decide on a type of vacation you want to have. Exciting vacations are usually exciting because of the types of activities done on the trip and the experience had in a specific destination. Planning a group vacation can be quite tricky though. When deciding on a vacation type and your activities, make sure to consider the number of people you have and their needs and wants as well. Some may want to relax on the beach while others may want to go exploring the forest. 

Group trips should be planned together and managed by one or even two people. Finding the right destination to fit your vacation type can also be a step of the planning process that is tricky. Finding the right fitting form of transportation is also important in group vacations as you must determine if the costs of a charter bus or plane tickets will be best for your trip. You want to decide on a destination that fits your desired activities. For example, you wouldn’t visit New Orleans if you wanted to relax on the beach nor would you choose a warm destination for ice and snow activities. 

The types of vacations you can take with a group are inclusive to all types of travelers. It doesn’t matter if you are with your bachelorette group or your family, these travel ideas can work for anyone. 

vacations in United States
File: Miami Beach. Wikimedia Commons

Beach Trip

Beach trips are one of the most desired vacations in America. Vacations are all about relaxing and the waves and scent of the sea will grant that. But for group trips beaches are an ideal vacation. There is something for everyone to do. Those that don’t want to go snorkeling or swimming may enjoy sitting beachside or simply tanning. This is good for families to explore the water and enjoy playing in the sand. It is also a good idea for friend groups to indulge in cocktails on the beach and for romantic partners, sunset/sunrise beach walks. 

Great destinations for beach trips have to include San Diego, Miami, and even Newport. Families and friends take group trips more often during the summer months and often gravitate toward warm cities and water activities. There are many different types of water activities, including: 

  • Wakeboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Parasailing
  • Canoeing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Fishing
  • And more

Virginia is also a great place for group beach trips and is a quite popular destination for those looking for beach fun. Virginia Beach is a resort with miles and miles of beaches, restaurants, hotels and shops. If you are looking for a water sports based vacation, taking a beach trip is ideal. Many people also enjoy traveling to Hawaii for a beach trip as well due to its inviting culture and relaxing feel. 

Outdoor Trip

The great outdoors do not appeal to some like it does others, but taking an outdoor trip has rewards that can alter your outlook on life and nature. There is so much to see and things to explore outdoors that this type of trip would be exciting for families and groups that want to spend time in nature. Those that want to go on business retreats or have getaways with their friends may decide on the outdoors for refreshing travel.

You can easily choose camping as your outdoor trip but it doesn’t have to be based outdoors. Your trip could be simply based on outdoor activities while you spend your stay at a resort or a nice hotel. Those that don’t want to spend their nights outside should vouch for outdoor-based activities and places with a nice bed to sleep in. 

Destinations for this type of vacation would definitely include Wyoming, Oregon, and California. With trails and wildlife, these destination are fit for any type of outdoor activity, whether it be simple hiking or weekend camping.

vacations in United States
For example Disney Cruises are great for families and Carnival Cruises are ideal for both families and friend groups. Wikimedia Commons


Cruise ships are fun ideas for group vacations because it is affordable and adventurous. When compared to other types of group trip ideas, some may mark this one off the list due to fears of water and heights. Cruises are great for families and friend groups. There are different types of cruise lines that fit your specific type of vacation group. For example Disney Cruises are great for families and Carnival Cruises are ideal for both families and friend groups. 

There are discounts available for groups that want to take trips together. For cruises, you get deals on your cabins, packages, drinks and meals and even parties. Cruise ships are about the destination you are sailing to but also about the other fun activities you can d while on the ship. From bowling and ice skating to surfing and parties, there are activities for all types. 

You also get to sail on beautiful waters to different destinations, whether they are in the Caribbean, Africa, or Asia. The Caribbean is the ideal cruise destination for it’s tropic and island vibes.  

Informational Trip

Informational trips are ideal for those moments you want to learn more about a historical aspect of a certain topic, place, or idea. These trips often include some kind of educational benefit and are usually taken by colleagues and families. Colleagues may enjoy taking trips like these to explore things and ideas of their specific field of study or of something new.

Families also may enjoy these types of trips to help their children learn about the past family lineage or places where they are from. Many families take trips to their homelands to learn and remember their roots. Families also take trips to other’s home countries to learn and experience new cultures. An ideal destination for an informational trip would be Washington DC. 

vacations in United States
If you are looking for a water sports based vacation, taking a beach trip is ideal. Wikimedia Commons

Ski Trip

Ski trips are always exciting group vacations and often offer deals and discounts for those traveling in groups. Ski resorts are somewhat made for group travel and offer many activity options for both skiers and non-skiers. 

Spending time with your friends and family in colder locations make for a need for closer relationships and bonding. The excitement of days of skiing and snow and the warm of nights by the fire are reasons why ski trips are the best. For the most reasonable cost of your ski trip, find package deals and accommodation discounts for your group. 

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Destinations for this type of vacation isnt limited to Colorado. You can take a ski trip in Vermont and even California if you know the right areas to visit. Lake Tahoe in California has many slopes and acres of skiing room and also features an Olympic ice skating rink. If you want to take a more sophisticated and high-end ski trip, visiting Vail may be an option for you. Those that are serious about ice and snow sports and activities should take a trip to Killington, Vermont. 



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