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Travel Insurance Misconceptions You Should Not Believe

The problem is that travel insurance is not properly understood by many.

Travel insurance is very important for every single person that wants to be guaranteed proper emergency care in the event something goes wrong. Based on the policy that is bought, this can include coverage for lost luggage, scuba diving injuries, hiking falls or even the need to cut trips short because of family emergencies. 

The problem is that travel insurance is not properly understood by many. A lack of knowledge led to numerous misconceptions. The most common ones are presented by below. 

Does Travel Insurance Just Mean Health Insurance?

The insurance is a lot more than just health insurance. There is a clear medical component included when faced with accidental injuries or sudden illnesses. At the same time though, travel insurance covers trip interruptions, gear theft, trip cancellation, and even emergency transportation when it is required. 

travel insurance
With proper research, you can choose a reputable travel insurance company. Pixabay

It Is Possible To Choose What Doctor To Go To

Travel insurance does not cover health insurance and should never be seen as being that. It is meant to cover emergencies that were unexpected, like popping eardrums or breaking a leg. With travel insurance, you are covered but you cannot choose what doctor you go to. When you make this choice, you forego travel insurance and you have to pay for everything. 

Is Credit Card Protection Enough?

Credit cards offer highly limited protection. There are some that will cover lost funds if the card was stolen and some medical procedures might be included. However, the protection that you get is never actually enough to deal with serious situations. When something is covered, the limit is usually very low. At the end of the day, you are the one that has to pay the money difference. 

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You should never rely on the coverage offered by your credit card, except for the stolen items. 

The Way In Which Travel Insurance Works

When a serious medical emergency happens and overnight hospitalization is needed or you need emergency repatriation, emergency assistance has to be contacted. Arrangements can be made immediately and costs can be approved. With other situations though, like an admission to a hospital for a minor injury, reimbursement needs to be claimed from the insurer. 

travel insurance
Travel insurance is very important for every single person that wants to be guaranteed proper emergency care in the event something goes wrong. Pixabay

Payment is made out of your pocket and then documentation is submitted to your travel insurance company. Always keep the entire documentation and file necessary police reports. All the receipts need to be saved. No travel insurance company can reimburse people based on your word. 

All Travel Insurance Companies Simply Want Profits

When you look online for reviews about travelling insurance, you quickly figure out that most are negative. This is because of two things:

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  • People do not read the entire contract and end up thinking that they are covered for things that they are not. 
  • People tend to write reviews only when something bad happens and they do not do the same when the experience is a positive one. 

With proper research, you can choose a reputable travelling insurance company. It is not as difficult as you might initially think. You just need to be patient and compare all available options so you can make an informed choice. 

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