#WorstChildhoodRumors : How Twitterati re-lived the golden days




By NewsGram Staff Writer

Don’t jump over me! I won’t grow any taller!

Ever heard of this before? Then, you’re not the only one. This morning, Twitter was buzzing with tweets about the ‘Worst Childhood Rumours’.

NewsGram brings you the top five worst childhood rumours:

1.“Don’t eat fruits with their seeds. The tree will start to grow inside you.”

2. “If you leave your slippers upside down, you’ll get in a fight.”

3. “If you blow off a fallen eyelash from the back of your hand and make a wish, it will come true.”

4. “If you wave at a passing airplane, the people inside will wave back at you.”

5. “Undertaker has died multiple times and he has the power to come back from the dead.”

The wild imagination of childhood has no limits. Anything and everything can appear true and even the most absurd tales can be passed on as truths with honest sincerity. Some of these stay with us throughout life as laughable memoirs of the golden days.

So, how many do you still believe in?