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Trending Winter Coats For This Winter Season

Ashima Sharma, owner of Ashima S Couture and celebrity stylist Anuj Lalwani share some details about the trending winter jackets and coats:

Winter coats are the basic clothing of seasonal wardrobe. Therefore, selecting the perfect piece from a wide array of styles can be very tricky and time consuming.

Ashima Sharma, owner of Ashima S Couture and celebrity stylist Anuj Lalwani share some details about the trending winter jackets and coats.

* Trench coat: This timeless classic has been adopted by everyone, even the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was spotted in trench coats on many occasions. The trench has long been considered an an essential item that every woman should own. If you don’t already own this style trend, then it is high time to invest in one. Keep it classic with a cream or beige colour and it will be a part of your winter closet for years to come.

* Heritage check: Heritage check is a constant classic for winters, but this year it has embraced more than ever. The checks were constantly recreated year by year, providing various styles for the coming season. Like trench coats, heritage checks are also a longtime investment to wear with basic work wear which means that you can buy now and love it forever. You can pair heritage check coat with a light blouse to add a soft femininity to the look. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most adaptable and versatile winter coats.

Get the best party look this winter while staying toasty warm
Get the best party look this winter while staying toasty warm. wikimedia commons

* Animal print: Animal print is another trending winter coat In fact, most of the ramp walks are packed by myriad of printed coats and jackets. The leopard is the most popular option to choose from. If spots aren’t your fashion thing, then you can opt for snake, tiger or zebra prints. Every time, these animal prints were tailored in a more relaxed way, providing a modern twist to a 1950s classic. To get this look, you mix and match an animal print coat with a dark dress, maybe consider a subtle print for added interest, and similar accessories.

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* Leather coat: Most people own a leather biker jacket, but this winter season the hard-wearing fabric is paving its way onto a longer and more tailored style. As per the recent trends, leather coats hype in an array of colours, from classic black to rich autumnal hues like burgundy and creamy brown. The pantsuit trend is quite a favourite during the winter season, try a hybrid of the trend in a leather iteration. You can also try your style in an unexpected territory with a colourful iteration that will certainly stand out.

* Denim jacket: The jean jacket, also known as denim is everyone’s favourite and is often marketed as spring or fall outerwear, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to wait until spring to take out your denim attire. The key is smart layering. Use the jacket like a button-up, or as an inner coat layered under your winter long coat. You can also wear a hoodie under the denim jacket to look stylish and at the same time keep the cold at bay. Denim jackets are always a go-to, irrespective of the season. (IANS)



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