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Here are some fashion tips to help you look your best this Republic Day. Pixabay

Republic day is around the corner and so is the end of winter fashion. So why not end it in style? Here are some fashion tips to help you look your best this Republic Day.

White Ethnic Outfit

Looking for some elements that just elevate your look? Well, you can never go wrong with a white kurta. White is a color of class and you can just ace it with white pants and go for an all-white look. You can never fail to serve a look in a white ethnic kurta. It will also give you a patriotic feeling. Stand out with boldness in white Kurti. Keep reading to complete your look with a white kurta.

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Scarfs or Dupatta

Any orange scarf/muffler or dupatta would add the right amount of elegance and chic to your look. Men can wear their white kurta with an orange shawl or muffler and women can pull off the look with an orange tint dupatta or scarf. What’s better than the orange color on Republic Day?

National Security has a wide span and needs to cover much wider period for any meaningful analysis, but to be realistic about current security dynamics of the country. Pixabay


No look can be complete without a handsome pair of sneakers. No matter what you are wearing, where you are going, Sneakers just never go out of style. Pairing your kurta with sneakers will give you the millennial touch and help you look out of the box. But not to forget we are creating this look for republic day so might as well add some color to our look. Skechers newly launched UNO collection is a perfect fit for our republic day look. Complete your look with saffron, white or blue sneakers.

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Graphic printed hoodies are in fashion and are available in various different styles and patterns. One can also customize their hoodie and can get their favorite character of their favorite show printed on their hoodie. Midnight law is one of the websites that have cool hoodies at affordable prices. Complete your look with a comfortable hoodie and say bye-bye to this winter 2020. (IANS)


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Recently, Tom and Jerry was made into a live action film

Every child who grew up in the 90s and the early 00s has certainly grown up around Tom and Jerry, the adorable, infamous cat-chases-mouse cartoon. The idea of naughtiness and playing mischief had the standards that this particular series set for children and defined how much wreckage was funny enough.

The show's creators, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera initially named their characters Jasper and Jinx. They did not plan for the fame that Tom and Jerry brought them when they released a movie by the name of "Puss Gets the Boot". This movie featured a certain cat and mouse who were a notorious pair, named Jasper and Jinx. When the movie became a hit, the names of the characters were changed and the show shot to fame.

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Photo by Unsplash

Indians Rarely Make Time For Arts And Culture, Says Survey

One of India's leading private museums, the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) Bengaluru, has released new primary research conducted by the ReReeti Foundation, on audience behaviour in India's cultural sector. While more than half of the respondents thought the arts and culture are essential, they rarely manage to make time for it. The majority (60.6 per cent), mostly young people under 30, felt Indian museums could present more engaging content, and most perceived culture as anthropological/ sociological. Of the diverse categories included, music emerged as the most popular cultural activity.

The report is based on a survey of 500 people, which included school and college students, professionals across sectors, homemakers and senior citizens. The first initiative of its kind in the cultural space, the report shares valuable insights into the behaviour and expectations of Indian audiences engaging with a broad range of cultural activities. As part of MAP's mission to foster meaningful connections between communities and the cultural sector globally, which includes its innovative digital programme Museums Without Borders, the report shares a wealth of insights that can help museums across the country understand their audiences better. As much as 60.6 per cent said Indian museums are not experimental enough, and can do more to create engaging content that is also relevant to surrounding communities.As much as 60.6 per cent said Indian museums are not experimental enough, and can do more to create engaging content that is also relevant to surrounding communities.

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Photo by alexey turenkov on Unsplash

What is the best way to save Goa from deforestation?

What is the best way to save Goa from deforestation?

Drinking feni, may well be the answer, says the secretary of the Goa Cashew Feni Distillers and Bottlers Association Hansel Vaz, who on Thursday said, that sipping the state's unique alcoholic drink and making it popular would directly aid the greening of Goa's hills and other barren landscapes.

"To get more cashews, we need to plant more trees. I always say, by drinking feni you will save Goa, because we will be planting more cashew trees and we will have greener hills. The beauty of cashew is you do not need fertile land. You can grow it on a hill which can provide no nutrition. We will be able to grow more trees, if we can sell feni properly," Vaz said. Vaz's comments come at a time when the hillsides of the coastal state have witnessed significant deforestation for real estate development and for infrastructure projects. Feni is manufactured by fermenting and double distilling juice from the cashew apple.

2 glasses of a white drink Best way to keep Goa green is to grab yourself a glass of feni. | IANS

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