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Trinidadians Are Divided By Race In Politics And In Death

No feature article or column in any paper was dedicated in honor of Boodram, even by Indo-Trinidadian writers

By DR. Kumar Mahabir

I wish to express my deep and sincere condolences to the family and friends of popular Trinidad and Tobago entertainer, Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall.  The 71-year old cultural icon passed away recently (2/10/20).  He was a comedian, actor, and radio talk show host.

“Spang” and I worked together during my short stint as a co-presenter in the local television magazine show “Gayelle”.

Also passing away during this COVID-19 pandemic was national cultural icon Sam Boodram.

Hailed as the “Lion of Camuto”, Boodram was an Indian classical and traditional chutney singer who recorded over 6,000 songs.

Sam Boodram was an Indian classical and traditional singer. Facebook

He started singing publicly in 1947 at age 14 and died on June 30, 2020, at 86, chalking up a career as a public entertainer for 72 years which spanned three generations.

Boodram was also a high priest (mahant) in the Kabir Panth Hindu sect and was married to the sister of former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday.

Boodram certainly cannot measure up nationally in popularity with “Sprang” in the multi-ethnic society, but he was known by Indo-Trinidadian music lovers.

It is instructive to look at the differences in treatment soon after their death.

“Sprang”’s funeral took place at the Government-owned and controlled City Hall Auditorium in Harris Promenade in San Fernando. Boodram’s service took place at his home and continued at the Caroni Cremation Site. There was no Trinidadian Government support for Boodram.

The Tourism, Culture and Arts Minister, Randall Mitchell, and San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello were among the pallbearers who carried the casket of “Sprang”. Former Minister of Community Development Joan Yuille-Williams also attended the ceremony. No (former) Government Minister or Mayor was present for Boodram’s funeral.

Dennis Sprangalang Hall was a comedian, actor, and radio talk show host. Facebook

Expressing loss for “Sprang” in the Sunday Guardian (11/10/20) were Diana Candy Director Ronald Grosberg, Jamaat Al Muslimeen Leader Yasin Abu Bakr, Calypso President “Brother Resistance”, calypsonians Karen Eccles, Karen Ache and Cro Cro Weston Rawlins, actor Wendell Etienne and fellow comedian Errol Fabien.

Only three (3) persons were reported paying respects to Boodram:  his great-granddaughter Samantha Boodram-Wolff, The National Council of Indian Culture of TT’s (NCIC) PRO Surujdeo Mangaroo, and singer Raymond Ramnarine (Newsday 2/7/20 and Express 1/7/20).

In the Sunday Newsday and Sunday Express (11/10/20), feature articles and columns were written on “Sprang” by Yvonne Webb, Colin Robinson, and Nikita Braxton-Benjamin

No feature article or column in any paper was dedicated in honor of Boodram, even by Indo-Trinidadian writers.

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These differences must be framed in the theory of cultural hegemony in which a powerful group dominates society – through the Government, media, and schools – by influencing the values, norms, ideas, expectations, and behavior of people.

An Italian philosopher named Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) developed the theory of cultural hegemony based on class. However, in Trinidad and Tobago, the theory can also be applied to the racial and political dynamics in the multi-ethnic society.



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