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Representational Image, Pixabay

– by Varun Kapoor

Like a million Facebook posts say: “Admit it”. Not that I’m holding you to any admission or anything you say, just trying to point out that this tradition is just living to die.

But then, aren’t we all a passing trend in the humongous, all knowing, ever giving, Internet? We come, impact a few lives apart from ourselves, do some crazy stuff, and then pass on the legacy to a more youthful and excited generation.

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Speaking of next generations, taking the first ever generation to be labelled as a generation as the reference point, the energy of the subsequent generations has been ever increasing. Nature keeps tweaking the wires of our brains every now and then just to mix it up a bit, I reckon. An artist here, a loner there. An engineer here, a failed IIT-ian there. Things go wrong and things go right. It’s the law of equivalent exchange. It’s all due to this tweaking of the brain, mentioned previously.

It’s all a bit weird, I know. I know how you people think. “What is all this weird philosophical stuff related to judging people?

I am here to see whether there are more people sharing the same insecurities I have and blah blah blah”.

For those of you complaining, please, do carry a wee bit of patience the next time you click on article links.

How is all of this rabble connected to judging people, you ask? Well, my fellow intelligent humans, you’ll have to figure out the connection between the previous writings and the next.

So here’s the deal: Competition is on the rise and you know it. But the weight of competition affects not only our worldly actions but also our mind-sets and habits. What do you think when you meet a completely new person at school/work/general-social-life? You don’t know it, but your brain is working at an incredible speed and going to incredible lengths just figuring out whether the person is worthy to be a friend, just an acquaintance or someone who you’ll never talk to again? Your brain records everything: The newbie’s posture, way of speech, behaviour, personality, etc.

Competition has forced our brain to figure out whether the next person is a threat to your position or not. This habit decreases trust among us beautiful people in the world and god knows we need that trust right now.

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Control your brain: Don’t let it judge people. It’s not cool and not helpful. Your position is not in any threat, there is only one YOU in this world and no one will be able to take that away from YOU. So be awesome and let others be awesome, in their minds and yours too.

Centre for Social Action (CSA) is the development wing of Christ University. Set up in 1999, it believes in strengthening student community with a view to enabling positive changes in the society. Athina Ann Thomas is a volunteer at the organisation.



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