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It is truly essential to celebrate our lives, our homes, our families, and our friends, now more than ever. Pixabay

With the lockdown one has had no option but to stay indoors, turning the spotlight on homes and interior spaces. We have had plenty of time to think about what is lacking, what is needed, and what to indulge in, considering the home is where all the action is nowadays.

Workaholics have especially felt the need to make changes in order to make their spaces functional and productive. Given the current scenario, our budgets may not be quite as big as our motivations for change. With that said, brands and industries at large are working towards giving consumers premium and top of the line experiences at an affordable price.

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“I firmly believe that it is truly essential to celebrate our lives, our homes, our families, and our friends, now more than ever. It is very important to uplift our immediate surroundings to ensure that we wake up feeling happy and positive every morning and to genuinely transform our spaces to inspire us on a daily basis. Over the past 100 days of the lockdown, inspiration has taken on a new meaning. Inspiration is now up to us and changing the surroundings one lives in has a tremendous impact on how one thinks and feels and that is the first step to create something beautiful and unique that will continue to inspire us. I think that with all of us spending a lot more time at home, we are all struggling to create a workspace and a family space and a space to unwind as well. There are lots of things that are possible within what is available right now, not just in terms of resources, but also in terms of availability of things.” says Devika Narain, celebrity event stylist.

Coming to your rescue are some of the best and budget-friendly ways to make your fall in love with your home all over again. You’re now only a couple of ‘clicks’ away from making our dreams a reality.

Something to liven up your chamber of secrets

You can give a new look to your rooms without having to spend too much money by simply using wallpapers. They instantly create a statement and uplift the feel of a space. Flipkart has a plethora of wallpapers that work as quick and inexpensive makeovers. Ranging from monochrome to 3D print wallpapers which are bound to accent elements of the entire room. You can also add blankets, bedding and throw pillows of the same theme, to form a cohesive look in your bedroom.

Price and Availability:

Brick Vinyl Wallpaper: Rs 1,499

Illusion Matte Poster Photographic Paper: Rs 999

Rev-up your Rec-room

With the aim of bringing a premium OnePlus experience to a more affordable price range, OnePlus has launched the OnePlus TV U Series, a new Smart TV that offers a more connected ecosystem, seamlessly integrating into the home networks of a wider range of users, at a smarter price.

The 55-inch OnePlus TV U Series is the perfect solution for Family movie nights, binge-watching your favorite TV shows, and watching your most-awaited sports leagues. It comes with legendary picture quality in 4K UHD, making your content come to life with breathtaking sharpness, clarity, and vibrant color. It is also equipped with Dolby Vision, a powerful cinematic technology that transforms the TV viewing experience by offering incredible visual detail.

Keep a time limit on the hours you spent in front of the TV. Pixabay

In addition, the OnePlus TV U Series also offers a unique Kids Mode, letting parents easily monitor and manage the content their children view. They can also control viewing hours with a special “watch time limitation” feature to ensure digital wellness for their children.

Price: OnePlus TV U Series 55 inch, Rs 49,999.


Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

The Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker amps up the look and feel of your recreation space, promising better sound quality along with the familiar Google Assistant-powered experience. The Google Nest Mini features a few design and specification changes such as a hook for easy wall-mounting, and a new power connector port and cable.

Google also claims that the Nest Mini sounds better and performs faster, thanks to a dedicated machine learning chip in the device. It’s available in India in two colours – Chalk and Charcoal – and supports leading music streaming services in India, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, and Wynk Music.

Price: Rs 3,999


Wine and Dine in style!

Make sure you get together to grab grub. Pixabay

Devika Narain’s experience on ‘The art of table styling’ that premiered on Airbnb as a part of At Home With Airbnb stems from the design veterans’ belief that every day should be celebrated. Be it small dinners at home, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other reasons one can find celebration is her way of living a happy life. Her online experience on table styling equips you with the tools to not only learn the basics of good table design but also create special occasions using things around the house. From covering basic rules to set a table and their applications to create an inspired setting for your loved ones, this experience will equip you for the next gathering at home!

Price – Rs 2,500

Availability –

Borosil’s Opalware Dinner set

Picking the right cutlery set has two key challenges: finding a set where each utensil does its prescribed job well and making sure the aesthetic adds to, rather than takes away from, a given meal. Differences are often as meaningful as they are subtle. Odd proportions or too-blunt edges can make working with these slender tools a chore while the right design acts as an effortless extension of you. At the end of the day cutlery is a functional piece that dresses up your table. Borosil’s Opalware Dinner set is the perfect item to compliment your unique taste and awe your guests.

Price: Rs 2,099

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Achieve your outdoor goals indoors

In most modern apartments and small houses in India, the balcony is the space that connects you with the outdoors. You can relax in the midst of greenery and get some fresh air while you sip a cup of tea. However, in many homes, balconies lie neglected, because they are considered either too small or too costly to decorate. However, decorating this space is not that heavy on the pocket, as one can beautify their balcony with small elements such as a swing, green carpet, or a rug. You can use hanging pots or install a wall-mounted system to hold your balcony garden plants. Not only do they take minimal space but they also add to the beauty of your balcony.

Flower Pot Hanging Basket: Rs 1,499

Bamboo planter Plant Container Set: Rs 1,599

Availability: Flipkart




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Feminism, a worldwide movement that started to establish, define and defend equal rights for women in all sections- economically, politically, and socially. India, being a patriarchal society gives a gender advantage to the men in the society thus, Indian feminists sought to fight against the culture-specific issue for women in India. Feminism itself is nothing but a simple movement that pursues equal rights for women (including transwomen) and against misogyny both external and internal. It states nowhere that women should get more wages than men, that women deserve more respect than men, that's pseudo-feminism.

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