TV Series “Believer with Reza Aslan” creates Uproar amongst Hindu-Americans

Hindu-Americans are of the opinion that the show portrays Hinduism in a negative light

A Hindu custom (representational Image) Pixabay

Washington, Mar 7, 2017: “Believer with Reza Aslan” a six-episode TV series themed as “spiritual adventure series”, which shows facts and myths about the Hindu sect Aghori, who are known for their extreme rituals- has caused uproar amongst the Hindu-Americans, who feel it’s an attack on their faith.

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At a time when incidences of hate crimes against American-Indian community is on rise, such a show which portrays Hinduism in a negative light, by showing extreme and cannibalistic practices of a sect, which can be construed as bizarre by the viewers and can add fuel to the already xenophobic atmosphere, as opined by many Hindu-Americans and there has also been demands to take the show off air, mentioned PTI.

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Ajay Shah of American Hindus Against Defamation is of the opinion that the show promotes xenophobia and Hinduphobia.Eminent Indian-American Shalabh Kumar,  the founder of Republican Hindu Coalition and top supporter of Trump, had tweeted, “I condemn @rezaaslan, CNN for airing Believer with fiction. Disgusting attack on Hindus for supporting @POTUS @stephenkbannon @newtgingrich.”