Twinkle Khanna Shares Her Lockdown Insights

Kholer's Ambassador talks about lock-down learnings

twinkle khanna
Kohler's ambassador Twinkle Khanna. Wikimedia Commons

Actor-author and interior designer Twinkle Khanna says one of her greatest lockdown learnings has been on how we educate children.

“We had been happy so far to just send them to school and look at their report card, but now that we’ve had this opportunity to really look into a child’s individual weaknesses and strengths and work on that, and probably even work towards learning in a different way, has been quite a revelation for me,” Twinkle Khanna told IANSlife.


Twinkle has been associated with Kohler for over a decade as an ambassador.

twinkle khanna
Amidst lock-down a greater focus on home design as mostly people are staying home. Pixabay

Asked if Twinkle Khanna anticipates a greater focus on home design at a time people are mostly staying home, she says: “People who are interested in design will always have wonderful, beautiful homes whether they use designers or whether they do it themselves. People who are not interested will not be interested. At this point of time, people are looking inwards. This (home) is the only space they have. They have a lot of time on their hands. We will hopefully try and improve on their surroundings. I don’t think it is something about it was not the focus before. It is what your interests are and your interests will stay the same. I don’t think it’s going to change.”


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How do colours inspire Twinkle Khanna?

“I’ve always worked extensively with colour. I think it’s a very quick and easy way of making any space feel warm and inviting. Again, when I first started, all the bathrooms used to be very white, like a hospital. Kohler was one of the brands that came and changed that picture. They had faucets in all colours like rose gold and black and they had these wonderful colours. There was a sudden optimism in bathrooms.”(IANS)