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Twitter Halts Transparency Web Series Promotion. Is Twitter Biased?

Twitter taking down advertisements?

By NewsGram Desk

Twitter, a well-known platform to share ideas, thoughts, spread awareness, advertise our new ideas and projects, is suddenly taking down advertisements and restraining common people to promote their commercial products and projects.

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Something similar happened with the team of Transparency: Pardarshita web series. The team made use of their Twitter handle to promote their web series for the mass. Since, it is a commercial project, paid advertising is the method that the team adopted. The advertising process was halted by the Twitter team the same day.

No Liberty Left on People’s Platform Like Twitter?

The recently launched Transparency series highlighted many inside stories and the misconduct of the Aam Aadmi Party after India Against Corruption Movement (Popularly known as Anna Andolan). 

In a recent promotional tweet by Transparency’s official handle, a user mentioned the twitter handle of AAP’s Social Media head Ankit Lal in a comment. It is alleged that after this encounter twitter halted the promotional post on its platform.

See Tweet Here: 

It raises some very serious questions regarding the liberty users are left with on social media. How long will these so-called stakeholders of power continue to dominate those who unveil their actualities and the truth in front of mass audiences?

Twitter as a platform is popular because it raises some serious debates, discussions, and issues regarding many sensitive topics. Moreover, it has always promoted advertisement campaigns for various issues and political campaigns as well, but they never get halted.

Another question that should strike our mind is that what compelled Twitter India to take this step only for Transparency’s post? By the time when Twitter India received the revenue, they kept the promotion running, but then when it came in the eyes of AAP’s IT cell, the promotion was forcefully stopped! Isn’t it Twitter’s biased side?

Twitter Allows Bully Clouts Like #TeamBaan but not the truthful “Transparency”?

In the past couple of days, a hashtag – #TeamBaan – has appeared frequently on Twitter. It is also mentioned in the bio of some users, most prominently among them are AAP’s Social Media Head Ankit Lal and anonymous parody account ROFL Gandhi.

It is a bully clout that manipulates polls on Twitter and gives dislikes on YouTube videos. It is strange that even the platform has allowed this trend but has stopped the promotion of the commercial Transparency web series because of the interference and domination by the Aam Aadmi Party’s IT Cell.

How Long Will The Truth Remain Concealed? 

This encounter raises serious questions and the credibility of Twitter as a platform that claims itself to be people’s voice. Moreover, it also highlights the denomination by a political party that can go to any extent to conceal the bitter truths that exist against it.

The Transparency web series has been a bold documentary that has brought in light all the hidden truths of the Aam Aadmi Party which are itself shared by AAP’s ex-members. We all should now be asking a question to ourselves that are we bold enough to accept that these stakeholders in power will continue to dominate our voices if we are against them but till how long?

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What twitter did shall be considered as something desirable? or what the Aam Aadmi Party is trying to do in order to conceal the truths behind its existence is desirable? The truth shall not be suppressed, especially in a democracy like India and on a platform like Twitter that allows the free-flow of strong opinions.





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